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Jail inmates must be provided safe environment: Ajay Kumar Mishra

Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Kumar Mishra, whose son is facing arrest on charges of killing four farmers in Uttar Pradesh. Lahimpur Heri said Thursday that prison inmates must be provided with a safe environment for their reintegration into the mainstream of society.

He also said that prisoners should be trained through skills development programs.

Mishra spoke at the opening of the 7th Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR & D) Conference of Heads of Prisons of All States and Union Territories at his headquarters in New Delhi.

In a statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he was quoted as saying: “The main problem of reintegrating prisoners into the mainstream of society is creating a safe environment for them. Prison systems should provide training and professional development facilities for people living in prisons and follow-up programs. ”

In a statement, Mishra stressed that the conference, which was attended by 75 senior prison officials from 25 states and four union territories, was the right platform to discuss issues and formulate policies that had broader perspective and acceptability.

It says that the minister also stressed the importance of electronic prisons, which, he said, save time and simplify the process of further interaction with the courts.

“Another important aspect of e-prisons is the e-prison, which has made it easier for inmates to connect with their families,” the statement said.

Earlier, the media received an invitation from BPR & D to attend the conference, but the invitation was first withdrawn and then reinstated. However, on Thursday morning, when intermediaries arrived at BPR & D’s headquarters, they were not allowed to enter the building and were told the event was closed to the media. While the mediators were arguing with the police, some were even pushed. Soon, a contingent of border troops was called in to enhance security.

Mishra met with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah in Delhi on Wednesday amid calls for his resignation from opposition parties and farm leaders. Sources close to the Union’s Communications Ministry later said that “there was no indication from the political leadership that he should resign.” They said the two ministers “discussed a strategy” for getting out of the current situation.



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