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Jake Gyllenhaal to lead Sam Hargrave’s superhero movie Prophet

Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal teams up with mining director Sam Hargrave to create the superhero movie The Prophet.

Based on the “Image” comic series by writer Rob Lifeld, the project is owned by Studio8. The film is directed by Hargrave from a script adapted by Mark Guggenheim, Deadline reports.

Gyllenhaal will play John Prophet, a man summoned by the Germans at the end of World War II and subjected to scientific experiments that gave him superhuman strength.

In the film, the Prophet volunteers to participate in a German experiment at the end of World War II in order to feed his family.

“After being buried alive by a bomb and trapped underground for 20 years, he wakes up again in 1965 when things are not going well for the Prophet.

“The world continued without him, his daughter resent him, and KGB agents chase him to create a super soldier out of his blood,” reads the official storyline.

The Prophet will be produced by Jeff Robins and John Graham of Studio 8, Adrian Askari of Prime Universe Films, Rob Leaffield and Brooklyn Weaver.

Gyllenhaal is currently starring in Antoine Fuqua’s The Guilty, which was released on Netflix earlier this month. He will be the next star in Michael Bay’s crime drama Ambulance starring Yahya Abdul-Matin II.

Hargrave made his directorial debut starring Chris Hemworth in The Extract and is currently working on a sequel to the hit Netflix movie.



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