Jharkhand govt, BRO meet to streamline worker recruitment


The government of JARKHAND and the Border Roads Organization (BRO) recently met, breaking the deadlock of the last one and a half years since migrant workers from the state reported discrimination by the latter.

Some of the key proposals at the meeting were: Establishment of a recruiting agency for workers from Dumka and the creation of a Safe and Responsible Migration Initiative center in Ladakh that will support migrant workers from the state and BRO.

The minutes of the meeting, which took place on October 29, were signed by Jharkhand’s Minister of Labor Pravin Topno on November 17.

“During the discussion, most stakeholders agreed that the current hiring system is opaque and comrade-based. Most workers are unaware of their rights … Hence, they are easily manipulated … The BRO, as a primary employer, must consider the conditions these nation builders face. However, the BRO proposed to the Jharkhand government to create an employment agency and inform the BRO, ”the meeting minutes said. Comrades are intermediaries involved in coordinating the supply of labor.

Jharkhand also asked BRO for a complete database of migrant workers who died in the line of duty and compensation paid to their families over the past two years.


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