Kamal Haasan and Suriya hail PM Modi’s decision to roll back farm laws: ‘Victory’



Kamal Haasan and Surya hail PM Modi’s decision to repeal farm laws: victory

Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to repeal three controversial agriculture laws, actor and politician Kamal Haasan congratulated farmers, who he said had won through nonviolent struggle. On Twitter, Kamal Hassan also pointed out that his young political party, Makkal Nidhi Miam, strongly opposed the laws and said that the moments when his party leaders went to Delhi to join the protesting farmers were truly historic, and they should be proud of their connection to the movement.

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement that all three agricultural laws will be canceled. My heartfelt congratulations to the farmers who fought and won on the moral front, ”Kamal Haasan tweeted in Tamil.

India TV - Kamal Hasan

Image source: KAMAL HAASAN

Kamal Haasan’s tweet

Kamal Haasan was not alone in welcoming the prime minister’s statement on Friday. Tamil star Suria, caught in the political maelstrom for his film Jai Bhim, tweeted his thoughts on the matter late Friday night. He said: “Winning the nonviolent struggle organized by farmers is encouraging. In a democracy, people are the masters. The government’s decision to pay attention to people’s feelings makes us happy. My sincere wishes to the farmers who fought hard to the very end. “

Earlier in the day, Suria’s brother Karti welcomed the government’s decision and congratulated the farmers who campaigned against the law. Kangana Ranaut, Taapsi Pannu, Richa Chadha and others react to Prime Minister Modi’s decision to overturn three agricultural laws

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi announced on Friday that the government has decided to repeal three agriculture laws. Addressing the nation on the occasion of the Parkash Purab Sri Guru Nanak Deva holiday, Prime Minister Modi said that the government will take constitutional measures in the upcoming session of parliament to repeal these agricultural laws.

Three bills on agriculture were passed at the seasonal session of parliament, the President gave his consent to these bills on agriculture on September 27, 2020. Protection) Agreement on the Price Guarantee and Agricultural Services Act 2020 and on the Basic Goods Act (Amendment) 2020.


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