Kannada actor Swathi Sathish looks unrecognisable after her root canal surgery goes wrong


Photos of Kannada actor Swati Satish with a swollen face have been released online. Swati underwent root canal treatment which caused swelling.

Kannada actress Swati Satish’s right side of her face became swollen after a root canal procedure. She looked unrecognizable in her post-surgery photos that were posted online. Her doctor reportedly told Swati that the swelling would go down in a few hours and that this reaction is very common with this kind of procedure. However, the tumor did not decrease even 20 days after the operation. Read also: Kannada TV actor dies after cosmetic surgery, relatives blame hospital

According to a Kannada news channel, Swati is very upset by the medical malpractice of the clinic where she received her root canal treatment. She even thinks about finding a solution to her problem legally. On Monday, the paparazzi account also shared before and after photos of her on Instagram.

Reacting to the post, one Instagram user said it was a side effect and she would get better soon. His comment read: “For your information, according to reports, she was injected with salicylic acid instead of anesthesia. And for non-medical people, it’s normal if you have normal swelling… as it subsides within a few days or decreases after taking certain medications. I hope she gets better soon.” Another person asked, “Root canal, lip surgery went wrong?” One of them said: “This swelling is completely normal and temporary, just because it’s a sensation, don’t be alarmed.”

The report added that Swati finds it difficult to leave the house and go out in public with a swollen face. Her condition also jeopardized her career as she was unable to meet her work obligations. The actress has a movie ready for release and revealed that she is unable to promote her film due to her condition. Swati has worked in Kannada films such as FIR and 6 to 6.

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