Kanpur Test: Rahane, Pujara move into leadership roles as old bond with coach Dravid strengthens


Three quick steps, the last one is longer than the first two, Rahul Dravid With a light movement of his shoulder, he interrupted his running step, and entered the net into the fourth quarter of Pujar. The ball landed next to the stump to meet the face of Pujara’s elongated and perfectly straight bat. The ball fell dead near his feet, and when Pujara threw the ball back at Dravida, the latter gestured to him that he could not achieve the desired flight.

Watching it all, close to the nets, it was Ajinkya Rahane… He went up to Dravid and whispered something in his ear. Dravid nodded his head vigorously before rushing into the next fight. This one was a big flight, had more revs, suddenly fell into Pujara and turned sharply at his feet. Pujara quickly entered his crease and defended the ball to safety, albeit uncomfortable. Dravid gestured to Rahan with his thumb up. Whatever his contribution, it looks like it worked.

Later, when Pujara moved to the central grids, Rakhan rushed inside, shouting “Rahul bhai, Rahul bhai”, as if begging him to give him some return breaks. Dravid agreed – and in the end he ended up bowling with most of the test batsmen and some bowlers, including Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav… This was not the last time the trio of Rahan, Pujara and Dravid were spotted together, so much so that they seemed to be sharing an invisible magnetic field. Pujara, after a few quick shots – an instrument he rarely pulls out – looked approvingly at Dravid, who nodded approvingly. Later, all three watched Jayant Yadav and Iyer intently.

The warmth shared by the trinity, more fraternal than professional, was evident, and it is possible that during the reign of Dravid, the pair of Rahan and Pujara may have come to the fore as pillars of leadership. The promotions also come at the most opportune moment when they are likely entering the last phase of their careers.

Both are 33 years old, and they are the backbone of the team. Pujara said the other day that he helped the youths even before he was appointed vice captain and will continue, but his efforts have been visible during the nets in the past two years.

Not that they were less prominent members during the reign of Ravi Shastri, but they were mostly men in the background, quietly carrying out their duties, unless Rahan was the deputy captain. Perhaps the images of Shastri and Kohli were so powerful that the eyes and ears were largely trained on them, even when Rahan and Pujara disappeared under the cover of anonymity, like their nature.

Dravid’s presence is softer, not even omnipresent. He is like a restless child in the park, everywhere and nowhere. The moment your gaze slips off him, he will be in another corner of the earth. While Shastri infused network sessions with an infectious intensity, Dravid brings an infectious wave of calm. Not only Rahan and Pujara, there seemed to be a group of leaders gathered on earth. How Umesh Yadav takes Prasid Krishna under his wing, or Ravindra Jadeja and Ravi Ashvin talked a lot with Jayant Yadav.

But here you could see Pujara and Rahan more involved, not only attentive to their network sessions, but also to those of others. Like a pujara who often sneak Shreyas Iyer, which debuts in Thursday’s test. Rahan also oversaw training on the pitch on Tuesday. They were more visible and vibrant than ever before, instead of being content with themselves.

Maybe it’s just the excitement of Dravida’s presence nearby. Someone that Rahan and Pujara have adored all their lives. Two hundred Adelaide Dravida forced Pujara to search sports stores for the “dazzling” Dravida gloves. Rahan has swallowed twice as much of his Rawalpindi as any of his favorite films. Someone who mentored them in the past, as well as someone they quickly recruited during the crisis.

Before his century of resurgence against Sri Lanka in 2015, Pujara took a hiatus to play for the India A team against the Australian A team – the early days of Dravida’s coaching career. Pujara came out of the series with not only runs but a revival of his fighting spirit, and he ended up carrying the bat on the sticky wicket at SSC in the ultimate test of the series. โ€œI didn’t have a lot of mind space, I questioned my own technique, but Rahul Bhai assured me that my technique was in order and I just needed to get rid of the negativity,โ€ he once said in this article.

Rahan did the same two years ago, when he himself was going through a crisis of confidence. He hit the NCA – that’s an invitation Dravid sent to both of them during their first meeting – and rekindled his touch again. Even during India’s comeback – from 36th to winning the series – they were in constant contact. โ€œIf there is a guy like Rahul Dravid, you learn something every day … We talk on the phone, exchange messages. He wrote to me after the Melbourne match and immediately after the Brisbane match, saying how proud he is of the team, โ€Rahan once told the newspaper in Express Adda.

He still swears by Dravida’s advice not to train too hard on the nets. “He once told me that it was the biggest mistake he made in his playing days and that I shouldn’t.” Dravid recited the pujara so as not to get hung up on his technique. Perhaps based on my own experience.

He was also the man who bestowed the leadership role on Rahan during the time of their royal family of Rajasthan. โ€œWe were both playing for the Rajasthan Royals when he came and told me that he was going through a tough time with the bat and I needed to take on more leadership responsibilities to lead the squad. Rahul Bhai has always done this, he has always shared the responsibilities of a leader, โ€Rakhan explained in detail in the Delhi Capitals video.

In terms of battle, Dravid took charge at just the right time. Both Rahana and Pujara lacked jogging. The latter hasn’t scored in centuries in nearly three years, although his audacious half century has surpassed some of India’s finest moments in the world. England and Australia. Aside from the Melbourne 100 at the start of the year, Rahan has an awful little run. Over the past few days, both have been interrogated several times about the lack of circulation and Dravid’s advice. โ€œRahul bhai just told us to support ourselves and not think too much about it. Pujara and I know our game plan, it is to keep things simple and keep our plans alive. If we enter, try to make it big, โ€Rahan said at a press conference.

Not only did they all seem to share the spontaneous comfort factor with Dravid. Not only because he is inevitably cute, but they all either played with him or trained with him. They were the sons of Dravid even before Dravid took charge.

Coaches often take time to blend in with the players and adapt to the culture. To a lesser extent with Dravid. As if he was always there as an invisible guiding force. His induction as coach of India should be the smoothest transition to leading a national team coach in Indian cricket history. And the clearest conclusion would be the appearance of Rahane and Pujara as leaders.


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