Kerala government suspends senior cop over links with alleged conman


Kerala’s government on Wednesday removed Police Inspector General Gugullot Lakshman from office over alleged links with antiques dealer Monson Mavunkal and meddling in criminal cases to help the government, according to the chief minister’s office.

The decision to suspend the work of IS, in charge of road traffic and road safety, was made by Chief Minister Pinaraya Vijayan after an investigation by the criminal branch of Mavunkal’s activities allegedly revealed his ties to a senior IPS officer, sources with knowledge of the matter said.

Mavunkal was arrested in September this year on charges of embezzling Rs 10 crore from a group of people since 2017 after promising them to become partners in his antique business.

A crime department report, which was presented on Monday, said Lakshman had illegally intervened in an earlier investigation against Mavunkal and the investigator was transferred on Mavunkal’s orders. In addition, the senior police officer played the role of an intermediary in Mavunkal’s alleged fraudulent antiques deals, the report said.

Lakshman did not respond to requests for comment.


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