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Kerala has reputation of ‘militant trade unionism’ due to nokkukooli: HC

On Thursday, the Kerala High Court, frustrated by ongoing incidents of “nokkukooli” or unbearable wages, said such incidents are creating the state’s reputation as a “militant union movement” that is holding back investors from coming here and should therefore be eradicated.

The court said it no longer wanted to hear the term nokkukooli in the state and ordered the police to take action against anyone, regardless of party affiliation, who requires unbearable wages, as it was “illegal and illegal.”

The remark and direction of Judge Dewan Ramachandran came during the hearing of the hotel owner’s plea for police protection so that he could run his business without the interference of some individuals who allegedly demanded a long salary.

Noting that the state “has a reputation for being a militant trade union movement,” the court ruled that the situation must change to make Kerala more investor friendly.

The court also stated that violence is not a solution or remedy for refusal to hire, and any main employee who is denied a job should seek assistance from the labor council.

He also confirmed that incidents such as the Nokku Kuli demand by some people to allow an Indian Space Research Organization truck to enter the Vikram Sarabaya Space Center at Thumba in Thiruvananthapuram have become a source of embarrassment and shame for the state.

The court also previously ruled that if the state government wants to attract businesses, it must stop the extortion of trade unions.

“This practice was banned many years ago. But this has not been fully implemented. The government must take tough measures against those who demand nokku-kuli, ”the court ruled.

On May 1, 2018, the government banned this practice.



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