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Lashana Lynch on making history as 007 in No Time to Die: ‘Nothing made sense’

Lashana Lynch was undergoing stunt training when she found out she was going to play Agent 00 in the James Bond film No Time to Die.

Lynch has already been chosen by director Carey Joji Fukunaga and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. But who she should play remained a mystery to her. She tried her best to prepare for a vague, but obviously obscene role.

“Nothing made sense. I dived into tricks and they teach me everything under the sun, ”Lynch said in an interview. “And I’m like, why are you teaching me this? What does it mean?”

Instead, Lynch simply heard snatches and snatches as she walked. According to her, it was like a TV show in which each episode is carefully revealed. It wasn’t until she was in the midst of summer and fake gun firing that everything was revealed. Lynch will become the first black woman to play Agent 00 in six decades of James Bond films.

Not only that, Lynch’s character, Nomi, takes on the codename 007, with James Bond AWOL Daniel Craig and the British Secret Service.

“Listening to the mystery movie and the enigmatic character turned into a possible Bond movie and enigmatic character,” recalls Lynch. “It turned into a certain Bond movie and the possibility of someone walking in and creating a really beautiful storm.”

No Time to Die is Craig’s fifth and final performance as a super spy. But this film, perhaps more than any previous Bond film, is heavily based on women. This includes Leah Seydoux as Bond’s longest-running character and character with her own complex history, and Ana de Armas in a brief but eventful way.

But the role of Lynch is iconic in the franchise. Thanks to this story, the 33-year-old British Jamaican actor, who played a single mother in Captain Marvel, is brighter than ever. Lynch is best known for expanding the historically homogeneous world of Bond in a role that, like others who have made wider representation to multi-year franchises, has also sparked online hostility. When news first leaked that Lynch would be 007’s agent in 2019, her Instagram caught fire with racist and misogynistic comments.

“I was reminded of the institution I belonged to and of a world that doesn’t necessarily support people like me,” Lynch says. “As soon as I got through this initial reaction, I immediately plunged into work. I’ve used this energy in stunts, filming, spending time with my family, and re-evaluating how I use my phone. Now I put them in the closets. I take two hour breaks. “

“You always have to talk about it,” she adds in response. “Young people need to hear this.”

Lynch first attracted Broccoli’s attention in Debbie Tucker Greene’s An Ear for an Eye, directed by Broccoli at the royal court. Lynch was part of an ensemble of mostly blacks who gave individual testimony to the bias they faced in their lives.

“She just shocked me,” says Broccoli, who also produced the upcoming screen version of Ear for Eye with Lynch, which will premiere on October 16 at the London Film Festival. “She is an extraordinary, beautiful, talented actor. She seemed like the obvious choice for Nomi, 00. I think she’s a big star. “

Lynch says that before Craig took over Bond, she had little to do with Bond films. But being invited to audition, she said, made her feel like she might be entering the franchise at the right time.

“As a black Londoner, I didn’t have the opportunity to connect to James Bond in a smart way,” says Lynch. “Now that Daniel Craig steps into the franchise and makes him gross, dark and dangerous – I first questioned his injury – I’m really intrigued by how the new characters in the franchise are reacting to him.”

In No Time to Die, Bond eventually returns to the service, where he is surprised to learn that his trademark number has been taken away from him. There is part rivalry and part partnership between him and Nomi. Nomi asserts herself with proud confidence and moments of uncertainty. Bond adjusts to her. For Lynch, what she takes most pride in is that Nomi’s strength isn’t tied to vulnerability.

“Like many of us, this is always a cover. Just being in this world is a cover, says Lynch of Nomi’s pose. “I want there to be a really natural, realistic and effortless impact on our youth that when we talk about ‘strong black women’ we don’t just assume that their power fell from the sky and landed in their brains.”

No Time To Die was released in India on September 30th.



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