Lieutenant Governor launches ‘smart schools’ in tribal areas of J&K


Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Thursday launched an ambitious government project to transform 200 schools into smart schools for tribal communities in Jammu and Kashmir through 40 crores.

The modernization of schools will be carried out in two stages: the first 100 schools will be transformed by March 2022, and the rest by December 2022.

LG also announced scholarships for 21,000 children from the communities of Gaddi, Sippy, Dard and Sheena who have been divested of them over the past three decades.

“In 1991, the Gaddi and Sippy communities were declared tribal, but their children were denied scholarships. For three decades, they approached governments, but decisions were never made. This question was brought to me just a few days ago, and we immediately decided that scholarships would be provided, ”he said.

Sinha congratulated the tribal communities and related administrative departments for the “historic start” of a “new era of educational empowerment” for the tribes in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Our priority is to ensure the future of the tribal children. Smart schools in tribal and remote districts, equipped with modern equipment, will develop a scientific character in children and prepare them for the future, as well as reduce the dropout rate, ”LG said in a statement.

The administration has formulated the basis for the functioning of smart schools. Tribal community members, PRIs, and people associated with volunteer organizations will be involved in governance so that these schools can act as “transformers” in our society, LG said.

“Life changes when everything is connected. “The tribal education plan, scholarships, smart schools will pay tribute to tribal communities in Jammu and Kashmir that have been neglected for decades,” LG said.

These initiatives also ensure that members of tribal communities can keep pace with the revolutionary and rapid changes happening around them and connect to the world, he added.


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