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MAA elections 2021: ‘Insider’ Vishnu Manchu defeats ‘outsider’ Prakash Raj

Actor Vishnu Manchu became the new president of the Film Artists Association (MAA) after defeating his rival Prakash Raj in a tough MAA election in 2021.

Telugu news channels point out that Vishnu’s father Mohan Babu played a huge role in the victory of the former. He is said to have taken control of Vishnu’s campaign and threw all his might on his back, leading him to a comfortable victory.

While MAA elections generally do not require much attention, the intense campaigning by Vishnu of Manchuria and Prakash Raj gave the elections the flavor of state elections and dominated prime-time debates on news channels.

Vishnu began his insider board campaign portraying Prakash Raj as an outsider.… Although his rhetoric was very conservative, it seemed to work in isolating Prakash and fortifying Vishnu’s camp.

Several members of the Vishnu-Manchuria Commission also hold other leadership positions in the association. Full details of the winners will be announced tonight.

Today, about 26 positions have come to the polling stations, the turnout was record. The new officials will oversee the MAA for a period of two years.



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