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Maharashtra: 40% of school vehicles driven rashly, reveals student survey – Times of India

MUMBAI: Seat belts on school buses were smaller: 47% of respondents nationwide said their school cars were not fitted with seat belts. In Mumbai and Pune, 45% and 34% of respondents reported the same, respectively. That is the conclusion reached by the results of the “National Safe School Travel Survey,” published Thursday by a research report from the SaveLIFE Foundation and Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India.


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When asked if the school conducts any road safety education workshops, 73% of respondents in Mumbai said that either such workshops were not held or did not know if such workshops were held.

It was also found that across India, an alarming 30% of children witnessed an accident on their way to school, while 6% of them were themselves involved in a traffic accident or were in a dangerous situation while traveling to and from school.

When asked about driver behavior on the roads nationwide, about 23% of parents and 26% of children using private cars responded that the child complained about “reckless driving” by the driver. About 32% of parents and 52% of children in Mumbai, 23% of parents and 14% of children in Pune reported the same.

With regard to school buses, in Mumbai, more than a third (40%) of respondents reported that a child / they sometimes or most often complain about reckless driving by the driver of a vehicle associated with the school.

When it comes to the use of safety devices by self / family transport users, nationwide, 34% of respondents admitted that they never guarantee that all passengers are wearing hats / helmets. In addition, 20% of respondents using private cars admitted that all passengers (including children) do not wear seat belts.

In Mumbai, 14% of respondents (12% of parents and 16% of children) said that it is never guaranteed that all passengers wear a helmet. In addition, 12% of respondents reported that they never wear a seat belt when commuting to work. In Pune, 32% of respondents (37% of parents and 27% of children) stated that it is never guaranteed that all passengers wear a helmet. In addition, 26% of respondents reported never wearing a seat belt while commuting to work.

The study, which also looked at the safety of children in the school area, found that at the national level, about half of the respondents reported no cycle paths in the school area, and 30% of the respondents reported no walking paths in the school area. …

In Mumbai, 25% of respondents said there were no cycle paths in the school area, and 29% reported no walking paths.

SaveLIFE founder and CEO Piyush Tewari said: “To date, more than 25 states and union territories have announced the reopening of schools. While there is a vaccine for COVID, the infant death vaccine on our roads is actually our collective action. ”

Manu Saale, Managing Director and CEO of MBRDI. “The results of this study clearly show the growing need for road safety in the country. We hope this study will help all stakeholders extend our vision of zero loss to all types of road transport. ”



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