Mail, express trains to drop ‘special’ tag, return to pre-Covid fares: Railways


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Mail, express trains to unmark, return to pre-Covid fares: Railways

Indian Railways on Friday issued an order to end the use of “special” labels for mail and express trains and immediately return to pre-pandemic ticket prices. Ticket prices for special trains and holiday special trains are slightly higher.

According to the Ministry of Railways, all regular scheduled trains that currently operate as MSPC (Mail / Express Spl) and HSP (Holiday Spl) trains, including the 2021 Working Time Table, will operate with regular numbers and tariff. and categorization, if applicable.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all regular mail / express trains operated as MSPC (special mail / express trains) and HSP (special holidays). It has now been decided that the MSPC and HSP trains included in the 2021 Working Time Schedule will operate with regular numbers and fares applicable to the respective travel classes and train types, in accordance with the existing guidelines, ”the Rail Administration said in a letter to the address of the zonal railways.

“This is issued with the consent of the Passenger Marketing Directorate of the Railways Administration,” the order of November 12 says. The order, however, does not specify when the zonal railways should return to their pre-Covid regular services.

Since the coronavirus has weakened the isolation, only special trains have been running on the railways. It all started with long-distance trains, and now even short-distance passenger services operate as special trains with “slightly higher fares” to “discourage people from travel that can be avoided.”

“The zonal railways have received instructions. Although the order went into effect immediately, the process will take a day or two, ”the senior official said.

“Thanks to this, over 1,700 trains will be restored in the next few days. The first digit will no longer be zero, as was the case with special trains, ”another official said.

However, officials said the restrictions imposed in connection with the Covid, such as temporary restrictions on concessions, bedding and catering services, will continue to apply.

Thanks to the use of special trains and the absence of concessions, Russian Railways’ revenue also increased significantly. The carrier’s revenue from the passenger segment in the second quarter of 2021-2022 increased by 113% compared to the first quarter.

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