Malaika Arora says her ‘body went through a lot of shock’ post accident: ‘I knew yoga would make a great difference to my mental and physical state’


Malaika Arora on Tuesday spoke about returning to her yoga practice after a car accident in April. The actress said she often asked her doctor when she could return to yoga, as she knew it would help her heal – mentally and physically.

“My body went through a massive shock [post the accident] and it takes time to recover, Malayan This was reported by She added that “the only thing I kept asking my doctor was when I could get back to my yoga practice.”

The actress said that after a car accident, she could not immediately return to yoga. For a long time, she stuck to the basics. However, she knew that once she returned to yoga, it would greatly change my mental and physical state. Recalling the day she resumed her yoga classes, the actress said, “The day my trainer came home and taught the class, I was in tears.”

Malaika Arora also celebrated International Yoga Day on Tuesday. The actor shared the video with the caption, “This is another day for me. For me, it’s a way of life. However, all I ask of you is #juststart. Happy International Yoga Day.”



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