Marvel’s Shang-Chi changes beef to veg biryani in Hindi dubbed version, hilarity ensues on social media


Hindi dubbed version Shang-Chi The Legend of Ten Rings by Marvel Studios has a variation from the original English version. In a particular scene, the translation of the word “beef” in the original English audio recording has been changed to “veg. biryani‘.

In the scene in question, the titular superhero (Simu Liu) travels to China with his girlfriend Katie (Aquafina) to find his ex-sister. On the flight, Shang-Chi tells his backstory to Katy (and the audience), and they are suddenly interrupted by a flight attendant.

In the original audio recording, the attendant asks if they will have beef or vegetarian as there is no chicken and these are the only two options. Katie replies, “A vegetarian would be great.” Before Shang-Chi can continue his story, the assistant interrupts them again to say that there is no vegetarian either, so beef remains the only option.

But in the Hindi version, the original options are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The attendant adds that there is actually no non-vegetarian food. When these two say they want a vegetarian, she tells them that vegetarianism is not suitable either, so their only option is vegetarian (which, as the name suggests, is vegetarian).

The change was noticed on Twitter under the name @RohitThayyil. The tweet and comments below the tweet suggest the change is in other Indian languages ​​as well. For example, beef becomes upma in Tamil and bread omelet in Malayalam.

One person wondered if Marathi would change him to wada pav.

The change is not surprising. The slaughter of cattle and the serving of beef are prohibited in most states of India and are taboo for most Hindus. And large entertainment companies and studios like Disney have often changed or removed lines of dialogue and cut out certain scenes from movies or TV shows so as not to offend governments and communities not only in India, but also in other markets such as China and the Middle East.

The latest Disney Marvel movie, The Eternals, featured a gay kiss scene that was not deemed appropriate for the people to show to the governments of the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Thus, the film was banned. Several reports say House of Mouse is considering removing the offensive scenes from the movie so as not to lose out on such lucrative markets.


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