Mob fired 60 rounds…had planned to kill cops: FIR on Ranchi violence


* “The attackers planned to attack the temple in order to provoke riots on religious grounds”

* “The perpetrators planned to kill the police (staff), threw stones at them, tried to take possession of firearms and fired bullets with a caliber of 60-80 rounds”

* “Police fired five tear gas shots and several shots into the air to disperse the crowd”

* “The police conducted a search after the situation was brought under control, but there were no casualties.”

Here are some of the facts extracted from the five FIRs filed by the state with two Ranchi police stations in connection with the June 10th violence.

Two people, 15-year-old Mudassir and 21-year-old Sahil, died from gunshot wounds allegedly received as a result of police shooting. Eight others, including a police officer, were shot and are currently being treated at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences in Ranchi.

Main FIR based on a complaint by Circle officer Amit Kumar Bhagat who stated that he was on patrol on June 10 and saw the protest start after 2:00 pm. FIR quoted Bhagat that the rally was filmed without permission and the crowd soon became violent. It says that the police tried to stop them, but a crowd of 8,000 to 10,000 people threw stones and gathered outside Hanuman Mandir. They “targeted the police and attacked [them] stones,” notes FIR.

The case was filed at the Daily Market police station in various departments of the IPC, including for rioting, attempted murder, assault on a public official, and acts aimed at insulting religious feelings; Weapons Law; and the Law on the Prevention of Damage to Public Property.

Police said they registered a total of 25 FIRs against 22 people. indian express accessed 22 of those 25 FIRs for detailed information.

FIR said:Upadraviyon Dwara Purva Niyojit Yojna Anusar Main Road Stith Hanuman Mandir ko Bhi Lakshit Kar Dharmik Danga Failane Ke Uddesya se Lagataar Patarbazi Ki Jaane Lagi. (The attackers planned to attack the Hanuman temple to provoke religious riots and continue the stoning). The mob also attacked the police or the government, as well as private vehicles.

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According to the FIR, the crowd broke through the police blockade while “trying to climb the temple.”

“Kram mein ugra bhid evam upadraviyon dwara police bal par jaan maarne ki niyat se lagataar kai round shooting bhi ki gayi…. Unmaadi bhid mein shamil kai navyuvakdyuti mein karyarat police karmiyon ko pakad kar unke sarkari hathiyaar chinnne ka prayas bhi kiya gaya (At the same time, the crowd and attackers opened fire on the police, trying to kill them … many in the crowd even tried to snatch the weapons from the police),” FIR said.

The FIR stated that little force was used, but this did not stop the crowd. It says that even the Deputy Commissioner and Senior Police Superintendent’s attempts to talk to and calm the protesters have failed. “…they started shooting at the police,” the FIR said.

In this regard, as noted by the FIR, an order was issued for “controlled air fire and the use of force”, which to some extent helped to disperse the crowd. “Five shots with tear gas [shells were fired] and several shots were fired from the air, and then a charge of lati … after which the crowd was taken under control …. According to the police officers who arrived at the scene, the attackers fired 60-80 shots,” the report says.

It notes that after the violence was stopped, “not a single injured person was found on the spot.”

Following the violence, another FIR was registered with the Daily Market police station based on a complaint by ASI Sumit Bhagat about illegal protests. A third FIR was registered in the same precinct against four people for holding “kirtans” even after the Criminal Code. Section 144 called in the area.

The fourth FIR is based on a complaint by ASI Madan Mishra from the Lower Bazaar Police Station that the crowd chanted slogans and got into a fight with the police officers. It names 17 defendants and is identical to the FIR of the Daily Market police station.

The Fifth FIR is based on a complaint by Sub Inspector Jitendra Singh Bist at Lower Bazaar Station saying that in addition to violence against the police, the mob also harassed “bystanders”.

FIR stated: “…one black car was traveling with the government of Bihar. [number] number and the crowd made a life-threatening attack on the car and its passengers, the windows were broken, but people were somehow saved.

Bihar’s road minister, Nitin Naveen, was in the car.

The other two FIRs are based on complaints from media reporters who said one Scooty and car were damaged and one laptop was stolen in a melee.

Thirteen FIRs are based on local business/resident complaints of stone-throwing, shooting and alleged harassment of women by the mafia.

One FIR was registered following a complaint by two minority residents who were beaten on the night of 10 June while going out to get pizza.

One FIR was registered following a complaint from a temple priest.



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