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Just four months after One of a kind, South Korean group MONSTA X returned with his 10th mini album No restrictions… The group has been promoting as a group of five since group leader Shownu was enlisted in compulsory military service in July 2021. No restrictions was released on November 19 and includes seven tracks. Akin to the fire energy that MONSTA X is synonymous with, No restrictions opens with an energetic track “Rush hour’… The MONSTA X members have continually contributed to their past albums, and again they have participated as lyricists and composers on various songs. No restrictions… ‘Rush hour’ notes Joohoni’s second focus track, which he produced, and IM and Hyungwon will produce themselves. ”Just Love’ and ‘Mercy… ‘Throughout this album, the band dedicated several tracks to their fans, MONBEBE.

Throughout the text, the members expressed their gratitude and desire to meet again in person soon, despite being physically separated from their fans due to the pandemic. Let’s take a closer look at MONSTA X No restrictions.


Rush hour’ brings back the music that MONSTA X is famous for. Perfect balance between vocals and rap verses. The song uses electro-pop and hip-hop to present a pleasing array of music. The song uses many references to driving such as gear, rush hour, etc. to showcase the limitless path to success. Lyrics “Push with double the power / To you, pedal to the metal»Illustrate the main idea of ​​the song. The song addresses a chaotic situation or time, emphasizing the group’s identity, comparing the current music industry to busy rush hour traffic. In the video, the members of the group competed non-stop in a cold gray city, being the first to cross the barren land and go their own way. Their ambitious steps towards their ultimate goals are portrayed as off-road driving, and an unchanging competitive society is portrayed as hanging by a thread from a high place.


Autobahn is the German word for an endless motorway. Sticking to the theme No restrictions, ‘Autobahn amazing track. Using staccato electro-synth beats, the song is ideal as a club dance track.… “I want you to drive me hard / Only for you to the maximum / Take a step forward on the Autobahn”– these texts further reinforce the idea of ​​being on a borderless highway.


‘Ride with U’ begins with a sweet surprise as rapper IM hums some vocals. With this track, the rapper line proves that they can sing with equal ease. The song is slower in tempo compared to its predecessors, but groovy nonetheless. With hazy music and a desire to go on a long trip with a loved one, lyrics’Ride with U ‘ “It’s just you and me here / Let’s go for a ride tonight” – make it a great addition to your travel playlist!


When the heading ‘Got me in chains’, he instantly paints a picture of intense desire bordering on addiction. The song uses techno beats from R&B to create a hazy and fuzzy atmosphere that reflects the passionate lyrics. “I hit my whole heart and hit you like that / Chained me up.”


‘Just love‘is a smooth and slow track. Lyrics – “Just like hard days will come / There will be happy days / Is it because the times are in the past? / Have you always been the same? ” simple, but carry a deep meaning. The sound of the guitar stands out in the music, and the alternating R&B beats create a fuzzy atmosphere.


Mercy’ overflowing with emotions. He is dramatic, strong and lends a helping hand to the listener. Emotions are dark, expressed in the songs that go “Paint over the torn scars with clouds / If you can hide it, it doesn’t matter / In the pouring rain / Let the pain wash away.” The use of gothic elements in the music creates an atmosphere of dark foreboding.


After a dramatic dose of ‘Mercy’, MONSTA X sets out on a joyous journey with ‘I fell in love’. The song is a sequel ‘Heaven’ from the band’s previous album One of a kind… The song contains a summer and warm feeling. The song expresses a desire to fall in love with this special person with words such as “Carve this inside me and feel sweet love / I want you to stay every day.”

With No restrictionsMONSTA X is proving its resilience once again. They have demonstrated that whether it’s rap or vocals, hip-hop or R&B, they can handle different genres with ease. Starting from high octane ‘No rushto bring dramatic flair to ‘Mercy’ and finally completing the sweet note with ‘I fell in love’, the group moves between different programs and presents the listeners with an ecstatic selection of music. MONSTA X supports music and when it comes to their artistic expression there is no limit.

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