‘My nose is not super blocked any more’: Vidya Malavade shares remedies for cold, cough


The change of season can lead to a weakened immune system, as well as problems such as colds, coughs and runny nose. But instead of taking pills, why not try some home remedies that have been used for generations.

On Instagram, actor Vidya Malawade, suffering from seasonal health problems, shared how some home remedies have come to her rescue.

V Chuck De India the actor reported that she drank a glass a pineapple juice “diligently last days.”

“I feel like the coughing fits have diminished and my nose is no longer very stuffy or flowing all the time,” she said.

She also shared that pineapple juice contains a compound called bromelain that helps flush phlegm from the body during colds and coughs.

To get rid of the phlegm, she also ate homemade kadhu and ginger tea, which “helped a lot.”

Vidya also constantly includes light exercise in her routine, despite the fact that cold, cough

In a previous post, she talked about how she needs to work in order to gain strength and endurance.

“With this insane cold, cough, I really feel like my strength and stamina are waning, ”she captioned the video showing her doing the“ soft open and conditioning ”workout.

In another post, she also shared her small steps towards recuperation. “This cold cough has just drained my energy completely. Small steps to regain strength and endurance, ”she said.

Down with cold, cough?

Here are a few other Ayurvedic remedies from Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Diksha Bhavsar that may help.

* Drink ginger, turmeric, lemon tea.
* Steam inhalation. Add a little ajwana, eucalyptus oil, or turmeric to boiled water for steam inhalation.
* Drink warm turmeric milk.
• Gargling with licorice decoction or warm water with turmeric and rock salt for sore throat.
* Chew tulasi leaves or licorice (muleti).

What are you doing?

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