Nadine Dorries, who owns Channel 4, doesn’t know who pays for Channel 4


Nadine Dorris’ first appearance in front of an elected committee as Minister of Culture sparked a number of surprising moments – not least her astonishing claims about Channel 4 funding.

Dorris decides what to do with the broadcaster: her two predecessors, Oliver Dowden and John Whittingdale, both discussed privatization; earlier this month, Dorris pushed back the deadline for responding to submissions. At the hearing, she said the consultations would focus on “how Channel 4 will survive in the future.”

Many people are waiting for an answer: Dorris previously said that she has 60,000 applications to go through. So imagine the surprise of cultural committee member Damian Green when, in response to his question about why politicians get involved in what is essentially a private sector enterprise, Dorris responded by pointing out that “just because it gets public money … [it doesn’t mean] we should never check the future of channel 4. ”

Startled, Greene interrupted to point out that Channel 4 “doesn’t look like the BBC, it doesn’t get paid for royalties.”

Dorris tackled Johnson’s failures. “Aah,” she stammered. “Oooh… although it is… yes. And…”.


Admittedly, as Dorris herself pointed out, she was in office for only eight weeks – so perhaps we should excuse her for not knowing about Channel 4, which was established by Act of Parliament in 1980. Dorrie, but is entirely funded by advertising revenue. He earned £ 74 million last year. surplus before tax (non-profit company).

Or maybe Dorris is just more like an ITV girl: after all, who better runs national cultural institutions than former I’m a celebrity participant?

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