No Friday prayers offered at Gurugram Gurudwaras; Gurudwara Committee to take final decision next week


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No Friday prayers at Gurugram Gurudwara; Gurudwara committee to make final decision next week

The day after the Gurudwara Singh Sabha Gurugram Committee announced that it was opening its doors to the Muslim community to perform Friday prayer at its premises, there were no Friday prayers at any of the Gurudwaras in Millennium City.

The committee said in a statement Friday that due to the gurupurab celebration, Muslims themselves refused to offer Friday prayer to avoid conflict. The final decision on this issue will be made next week, the committee said.

Addressing ANI on this matter, spokesman for the Gurudwara Governance Committee Daya Singh said, “The committee has decided to provide a seat for Nawaz if Muslims run into problems; will allow them to offer namaz here.

Through the fault of Gurupurba, the Muslims themselves refused to offer namaz in order to avoid conflict. We will make the final decision on prayer next week. “

“Why is there a problem with offering namaz in public or outdoors when we can destroy Kanwar Yatra or Nagar Kirtan. During the 1984 riots, Muslims preached brotherhood, saving the lives of thousands of Sikhs, ”he added.

Meanwhile, a local resident Lahiram Eduvanshi offered his land for prayer.

“I contacted the chairman of Muslim Ekta Manch to offer them land for prayer. There are some intruders who want to disrupt the peace in the area. I offer my site to the Muslim brothers to perform namaz, ”said Eduvanshi.

Earlier, on November 18, the Gurdwar Association in Sadar Bazar in Gurugram decided to offer its premises for Friday prayers following objections to performing salat in public and open places.

The Gurugram administration revoked permission to perform namaz at eight of the 37 designated areas.

According to an official statement from the district administration, the permit was revoked following objections from the local population and the Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA).

Several times in the past, residents of Gurugram have complained and staged protests against the Friday namaz held on public grounds.

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