No mosque damaged, none injured in Tripura recently: Centre


Amid the prevailing intercommunal tensions in Tripura and rumors that religious sites are becoming targets of mass dissemination, the Center issued a statement on Saturday urging people to stay calm and not believe fake news. He also argued that no mosque in Tripura had been damaged in the recent past and that there were no reports of injury, rape or death in any clashes in the state.

“In the recent past, there have been no reported cases of structural damage to any mosque in Tripura. There were no reports of simple or grievous bodily harm, rape or death of anyone in these incidents, according to some social media posts, ”the Interior Ministry (MVD) said in a statement.

In particular, the Interior Ministry tried to dispel rumors that vandalism was being committed in a mosque in the Gomati region. “There were reports that a mosque in the Kakraban area of ​​the Gomati district in Tripura was damaged and vandalized. These news reports are bogus and completely misrepresent the facts. A mosque in the Dargabazar district of Kakraban has not been damaged and the Tripura police in the Gomati district are working to maintain peace and tranquility, ”the statement said.

In protest against vandalism on Durga Puja pandas in Bangladesh, rallies have been halted by organizations such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM), among others, in Tripura. During some of these protests, attackers allegedly vandalized several homes, shops and mosques. However, the state government maintains that there is no intercommunal tensions in the state.

“People should remain calm and should not be fooled by such fake messages. For example, in Maharashtra there have been reports of violence and dubious allegations aimed at disrupting peace and harmony based on fake news about Tripura. This is very alarming, and we call for the maintenance of peace at any cost, ”the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

In response to reports of incidents in Tripura, there were rallies in Maharashtra witnessing violence… At least 20 FIRs registered State police said on Saturday that 20 people had been arrested in connection with stoning during protests against violence in Tripura communities in five districts of Maharashtra.

V stone-throwing incidents mainly occurred in Amravati, Malegaon and Nandede. cities during rallies held by some Muslim organizations on Friday.

In response to the stoning incident in Maharashtra, Tripura’s deputy chief minister, Jishnu Dev Varma, said that there was no civil unrest in Tripura and stated that some people were trying to pursue “narrow politics” by spreading fake news. Speaking to reporters tonight, Dev Varma said: “The situation in Tripura is normal. Strong communal harmony reigns here between people of all religions. Some people try to disturb this peace and harmony. The section is trying to get through the back door. It’s a conspiracy. “

He strongly condemned the stoning in Maharashtra and said that, unfortunately, it happened in the name of Tripura. Dev Varma also urged the people of Tripura to resist the spread of rumors.

Last week, Tripura police prosecuted 102 social media account holders on terrorism charges for allegedly spreading “unwanted news / statements” of recent violence and sent notifications on Twitter. Facebook, and YouTube asking you to delete these accounts and provide information about the persons who control them.

V The Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to set a date to hear the statement an appeal against Tripura police’s decision to enforce the Prevention of Illegal Activities Act 1967 against two Supreme Court lawyers who visited the state as part of an independent fact-finding team following reports of community violence, and a journalist.

The group released a report claiming that several Hindu organizations have unleashed violence in minority areas, including mosques, homes and shops owned by members of the minority community.


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