No mosque vandalized, no rape or death in Tripura; fake news circulating on social media: MHA


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Mumbai: Muslim community closes all shops as Raza Academy calls for Mumbai Bandh due to anti-Muslim violence in Tripura

The Interior Ministry said Saturday that social media news about the damage to the Tripura mosque and about the vandalism was fake and completely distorted the facts. It also states that there are no reports of simple or grievous bodily harm, rape, or death of anyone in similar incidents in Tripura, as reported in some social media posts.

In a blunt statement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) stated: “There have been no reported cases of structural damage to any mosque in Tripura in the recent past, and that people should remain calm and should not be fooled by such fakes. reports “.

“There were reports that a mosque in the Kakraban area of ​​the Gomati district in Tripura was damaged and vandalized. These news reports are bogus and completely distort the facts, ”the message says.

The Interior Ministry said the mosque in the Dargabazar district of Kakraban was unharmed and the Tripura police in the Gomati district are working to maintain peace and tranquility.

The Interior Ministry said there were reports of violence and dubious allegations in Maharashtra aimed at disrupting peace and harmony based on fake news about Tripura.

“This is very worrying and we call for peacekeeping at all costs,” the statement said. The Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified that no damage to the structure of any mosque in Tripura has been reported in the recent past.

Violence in Tripura, Maharshtra

Violence erupted in parts of Maharashtra following rallies organized by Muslim organizations on Friday to protest the Tripura incidents.

In Amravati, more than 8,000 people gathered outside the district sewer building on Friday to file a memorandum demanding an end to the atrocities against the minority in Tripura. Cases of violence have been reported in Amravati, Nandede, Malegaon, Washima and Yawatmal.

So far, police have arrested 20 people and detained four more, registering 20 FIRs on various charges, including riots, in connection with the incidents on Friday.

Cyber ​​Cell Problem Alert

The Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell on Saturday issued a warning against creating and / or spreading inflammatory messages of violent incidents on social media.

“Several inflammatory posts containing fake news are being circulated on social media platforms related to recent incidents of violence in Maharashtra. Distribution or transmission of such posts is prohibited. It is also recommended to report on social media accounts that contain such posts. ” , the order read.

It also states that strict measures will be taken against those who post such messages and create chaos in the society.

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