Nusrat Jahan shares photos with Yash Dasgupta after court declares her marriage with Nikhil Jain invalid: ‘Bless us’


Actor-politician Nusrat Jahan shared a bunch of photos with her partner, political actor Yash Dasgupta, to announce that they are getting together for a new film. Her message came a few days after a Calcutta court ruled that her marriage to a businessman Nikhil Jain was not legal.

Nusrat posted on Instagram several photos in which she and Yash posed together and held a whiteboard in their hands, as well as on the mahurata of her new film, Mastermoshai Apni Kichu Dekhenni. “Bless us,” she wrote, adding folded emojis and hashtags, including “new venture”.


Yash also shared an image from the mahurat function on Instagram. “Mahurat from my next one,“ Mastermosh Apni Kichu Dehenni ”… I need your love and blessing,” he wrote in his signature. The film, directed by Shieladitya Mulik, explores student politics in West Bengal. +

Nusrat has been in a relationship with Yash since last year. In August, they welcomed their first child, a boy named Ishaan. Although Nusrat did not directly confirm whether she was married to Yash, she hinted at the same. Last month, she shared photos of his birthday cake with the words “husband” and “daddy” written on it.

Earlier this week, the Alipor court in Kolkata said Nusrat and Nikhil’s wedding was null and void. They tied the knot in Turkey in 2019 but did not register their interfaith marriage under the Special Marriage Law. “Thus, their consensual union cannot be considered a marriage,” civil judge S. Roy said Tuesday, according to PTI.

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Previously, Nusrat stated that her marriage to Nikhil was invalid because he was not registered in accordance with the Law on Special Marriage. She also accused him of misappropriating her funds even after their separation. He denied the money laundering allegations and called them “unfounded, humiliating and devoid of truth.” He also claimed that she ignored his repeated requests for marriage registration.

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