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Nusrat Jahan, Yash Dasgupta hint they might already be married: ‘Do people know if baby’s out of wedlock?’

Political actors Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta hinted that they may already be married. The couple recently became the parents of a son, Ishaan.

Calling Yash’s birthday at midnight, Nusrat shared a photo of a cake with the words “husband” and “father” in it. She also shared a photo with Yash on her Instagram Stories.

Nusrat shared a photo of the cake at midnight.
Nusrat congratulated Yash on his birthday with a midnight treat.
Nusrat congratulated Yash on his birthday with a midnight treat.

In an interview with a leading newspaper, Nusrat and Yash were asked if they encountered “negative reactions” as their child was born “out of wedlock”. Nusrat said that this may not even be the case.

“Do people know if it’s out of wedlock or not? The fact that we do not open up about things does not mean that everything they say is true, ”Nusrat said. When asked if this means that they are really married, she replied: “As Yash said, we will not hold posters and declare everything. Let this ambiguity remain. “

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Nusrat said about their current status: “We are in a happy place. We have overcome a major obstacle in our life. Having a baby without knowing each other for too long – just out of love – is a brave act. I’m glad we succeeded. “

The son of Nusrat and Yasha Ishaan was born in August. The actor did not officially disclose his pregnancy, but photos of her with a bump appeared on the network, confirming the same.

At a recent event, Nusrat was asked to share photos of his son. “You have to ask his father about this. He does not allow anyone to see him at the moment, ”she said.

Nusrat also dodged the question of her “better half”. She told NDTV, “I think this is a vague question to ask, and it puts a black dot on someone’s feminine character who is a father. The father knows who he is, and at the moment we have a great parenting relationship. Yash and I are having a good time. “

Previously, Nusrat was involved in a controversy with businessman Nikhil Jain. They tied the knot in Turkey in 2019 but have now split up. She later said that their marriage was invalid under Indian law.



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