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Pak visit for specific, narrow purpose: US Dy Secy of State

VISIT On Thursday, US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman said she was traveling to Pakistan with a “very specific and narrow purpose” in the context of Afghanistan to make sure they have the capacity to keep everyone safe, including India. and the USA.

“This is for a very specific and narrow purpose, we do not see that we are building broad relations with Pakistan. And we are not interested in going back to the days of India and Pakistan with hyphens. This is not where we are. This is not where we are going to be, ”she said, speaking at the Ananta Aspen Center in Mumbai.

“But we all need to know what is happening in Afghanistan. We must all approach the Taliban with one accord. We all need to make sure we have the capabilities we need to keep everyone safe, including, of course, India and the United States. So, I’m going to have some very specific conversations, ”she said.

She also said that AUKUS and Quad “are not in competition” and “they are all pieces of the puzzle that will ensure we have an open, free, interconnected and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.”



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