Patna Science College plans to install foundation pillar, build new library


Once renowned for its state-of-the-art laboratories and academic aura, the 94-year-old Patna College of Science may soon receive a commemorative pillar on its campus, marking the foundation of the historic institution in 1927.

Dotted with iconic historic buildings on an expansive campus, the college was officially opened on November 15, 1928 by the then Viceroy of India, Lord Irwin.

The institution annually celebrates the day of its foundation on November 15. However, there were no commemorative events on Monday, his 94th birthday.

Dr. Sri Ram Padmadeo, director of the college, said the anniversary event may not have been held, but “big projects” are on the brink.

“We have come up with a foundation pillar that will depict the beginning of the institution in the 1920s. We are consulting with faculty members of the Patna College of Arts and Crafts and this pillar will have four faces depicting elements to represent the various departments. Headquarters It will also show the building, ”he told PTI.

The two-story main administrative block of the expansive campus is an architectural icon, with four huge fluted Doric columns on the main façade, emphasizing its grandeur. The heritage blocks also include buildings for the departments of physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, zoology, geology and statistics.

In addition, there is a gym in an old huge building overlooking the main site, located on the east end of the campus.

“The foundation pillar is planned to be installed in an open space between the rear facade of the administrative block and the side facade of the gymnasium building. The idea is to symbolically combine all departments into one column. It will be the first of its kind, ”said Padmadeo, himself a college graduate.

He, however, regretted that the quality of education had “dropped significantly” over the past few decades, and that the institution had lost much of its academic brilliance that had made it world famous.

The campus, too, lost its charm over the decades: vegetation grew on a revolving building overlooking the chemistry department, where once there was a neat old iron chain scrawled on ancient buildings, and overly inattentive architectural intervention jeopardized the original. the beauty of the university.

In addition, two major infrastructure projects by the Bihar government are likely to have an impact on the campus: one is the planned connecting road from Ganga Drive under construction to Ashok Rajpat and the proposed The 422 crore project of a two-story flyover from Kargil Chowk to NIT More, the foundation of which was laid by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on September 4.

Heritage lovers, experts and the Indian National Endowment for Arts and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) have opposed this new flyover project and called for no damage to the heritage of the Ashok Rajpat area, which is dotted with various old historical institutions. , including Patna College, Patna Medical College and Hospital, Science College and Huda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library.

The College of Science, as the institution is widely known, has a heritage of training and educating some of the finest minds in India and the world, conducting excellent research, and providing the world with a galaxy of intellectuals.

His laboratories, especially in the physics and chemistry departments, were very developed, and initially a gas plant was built on the college grounds, which supplied it to various laboratories.

The college’s dorms – Cavendish House, Faraday House, Newton House, CV Raman Hostel and Ramanujam Bhawan Hostel – are equally well known among its students and alumni, which are scattered throughout India and abroad.

The college, which is over 90 years old, is part of the historical university of Patna, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in October 2017.

The university’s centenary celebrations were held at the main campus of the College of Science with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the main guest.

A decorative pillar to commemorate the university’s centenary was erected on the premises of its central library, whose campus is adjacent to the campus of the College of Science.

Padmadeo said plans were in place for a “multi-story, new, air-conditioned library complex on a plot of land next to the physics department, which would also include a hall. Books from the old library located on the first floor of the administrative block. will be relocated upon completion of construction. “

“However, the project is at a very early stage, and appropriate approvals are needed,” he said.


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