Paul Dacre to be the new editor-in-chief of the Mail – again


Two days after he left the competition for the chair of Ofcom, it was announced that popular propagandist and main defamator Paul Dacre would return as editor-in-chief of DMG Media, the newspaper group that owns Daily mail, MailOnline, Mail on Sunday, underground and I am

A move that will delight government ministers who have spent over a year trying (and failing) clear the first Daily mail the path of the editor to run the media regulator, he will go back to his old newspaper.

Although Dacre stepped down as editor Daily mail in 2018 he only had reportedly left the company On November 3 of this year, 42 years later, this means that a media ecosystem without Dacre was created in the UK within … 19 days.

In an email from newspaper owner Lord Rothermere that ended up in Chatterbox’s inbox, it appears that Dacre won’t be involved in day-to-day editing, but will actively advise editors and the owner on his old, new job:

It was announced last week that Geordie Greig, Dakra’s successor as Daily mail editor will standing up… Under his editorship, the newspaper became more critical of the government, skeptical of Brexit, and was often a thorn in issue 10 under Boris Johnson.

Will Dacre will take mailnew normal or like New statesmanVeteran Peter Wilby – less intimidating – put it this way: “Go back to type” as “the man who hates liberal Britain“?

Chatterbox guesses the latter, given Dacre. publicly criticized Greig since he tookaccusing him of “saving on act»In the comments about the newspaper’s advertising revenue. It is also said that Dacre was close with Ted Verity. Mail on Sunday editor appointed to take over Daily mail from Greig, and is described in another email sent by Lord Rothermere to the staff, whom Chatterbox saw as “ mail journalist to the bone. “

Belt, UK.

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