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Prashant Kishor’s surprise wakeup call to Gandhis: ‘No quick-fix solutions to Congress’ deep-rooted problems, structural weakness’

Polling strategist Prashant Kishore, which is reportedly in talks with Congress to join the party, came as a surprise when he hit the party leadership on Friday – read Gandhi. He said that those hoping for a revival of Congress based on his Lahimpur The kheri’s intervention turns into great disappointment.

His remarks come at a time when the aggressive political stance of the Gandhi brothers and sisters over the shocking incident in Lahimpur-Kheri enthralled part of the party leadership who believed that Gandhi was finally going to act together. These leaders believe the party needed to be aggressive, especially with organizations like the Trinamool Congress working overtime to showcase their national ambitions.

The aggression by the Gandhi siblings was also seen in the context of recent attacks on the leadership of some of the G-23 leaders. Gandhi was led from the front, rallied their leaders, including top ministers, and sources said they were working on a plan to keep Lahimpur Kheri political.

Interestingly, Kishore was in talks with the Gandhi to formally join the Congress. Gandhi was also kind. Sources close to Rahul actually said that he advised him to join the party, rather than hoping to play a role in the elections and campaigning for the party.

In fact, the leadership of the Congress discussed Kishore’s “Action Plan” to revive and rejuvenate the party and prepare it for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Indian express In July, he announced that members of the congressional working committee are meeting in groups to discuss what is called the party’s “reform and revival” agenda.

Party sources said the project in question was submitted by Kishore. during a meeting with Gandhi in July. While he was dating Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi On July 13, he had at least one meeting with the President of Congress. Sonya Gandhi previously.

Against this backdrop, Kishore’s remarks came as a surprise to many in the party, as he was clearly targeting Gandhi’s brothers and sisters. “People seeking a quick, spontaneous resurgence of opposition under the leadership of the Republican Party, based on the # Lahimpur-Kheri incident, are incurring great disappointment. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to the deep-seated problems and structural weakness of the GOP, ”he tweeted.

Public comments signal that negotiations between Kishore and Gandhi about the latter’s formal entry into Congress may not be progressing the way Kishore wanted. “On some level, his remarks also show disappointment. And perhaps that is also despair, ”said a senior executive when asked how he saw these remarks.

“His emphasis on ‘deep-seated problems and structural weakness’ is interesting as he is said to have advised Gandhi on the same issues. Perhaps things are not going as he expected, ”he said.

Another leader, who was always critical of Kishore, stated that he was blinking for the Trinamool Congress.

“He works at different levels. Our leaders are perhaps naive when they come into contact with him. Gandhi did their best to turn the Lakhimpur incident into a powerful weapon against Bjp… And he tries to defuse it. So who is he hitting for? – said the leader.

The leader, who is considered close to Rahul, took his remarks lightly, stating that “every word of his should not be analyzed and analyzed.”



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