Priyanka Gandhi terms Amit Shah’s ‘girl could wear jewellery at midnight in UP’ remark as ‘jumla’


Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Wadra, dubbed “jumla” on Saturday, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said a 16-year-old girl can wear jewelry on the roads in Uttar Pradesh at midnight and said only the women of the state know what they have to contend with. day.

Secretary General of Congress tweeted a media message about the kidnapping of three women in Kanpur to attack Bjp government within a state.

“The country’s interior minister is letting jumla go out loaded with jewelry, but only UP women know what they have to face every day,” Gandhi said on Twitter in Hindi.

“That is why ‘lladka hun ladh shakti hun’ is necessary. So the participation of women in politics and in policy making related to security is increasing, ”she said.

Speaking at a meeting at UP last month, Shah praised law and order in the state and reportedly said that now a 16 year old girl could wear jewelry and ride a scooter on UP roads at midnight during festivals without any fear.


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