PUBG: New State crosses 1 crore installs on Play Store, days after launch


PUBG: New State is Krafton’s latest battle royale game that launched earlier this week in a number of countries, including India. In just three days since launch, the game has surpassed Rs 1 crore of installs.

PUBG: The new state has previously accumulated 1 million installs right on launch day… Now this number has grown a hundredfold.

A large number of installs are happening, even though the launch of the game was problematic for many people: some early gamers on launch day reported server downtime, slow loading times, and even hard brick devices. You can read more about PUBG: New State Launch Day Issues. here

PUBG New State: What’s New?

PUBG: New State presents a futuristic take on the classic battle royale, made popular by its predecessor, PUBG Mobile. The game takes place in 2051. New State features a new map, new weapons, new strategies, and larger city structures such as shopping malls and multi-story buildings.

The game also features new equipment such as remote controlled drones, ballistic shields, neon scopes and a “combat balancing ability” that will add fresh dynamics to your gameplay. There are many smaller additions, such as the HUD (display at the top) of the machine gun, which shows you how many bullets are left in your clip, both numerically and graphically.

PUBG: New State will feature futuristic sports cars, motorcycles, buggies, boats and hang gliders for transportation. Vehicles now also have the ability to store, and users can store items like ammunition and supplies in the trunks of their cars, allowing them to carry more supplies than their backpack would allow if they have a vehicle.

PUBG: New State is currently available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple Application store.


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