PUBG: New State is getting an update with anti-cheating measures


Crafton confirmed that PUBG: New State will receive a new update aimed at detecting hackers and strengthening anti-cheating measures in the game. The update is currently rolling out to gamers at Android, with iOS deployment should start shortly.

In addition, users will not be able to play the game without installing the update on their devices. Krafton announced the same on their blog. The company also announced special compensation for players as part of this update. After updating the game, players will be awarded three Chicken Medals. Users who choose not to upgrade will be redirected to Google Game store.

The update aims to identify and reduce the cheating methods used by players. Gamers caught cheating using unethical methods or hacking run the risk of being banned.

PUBG: New State launched on November 11th for Android and iOS.and iPadOS devices in over 200 countries, including India. A little over a week after the launch of PUBG: New State reached the one crore download mark in the Google Play store. The latest PUBG game takes place in the future and includes updated graphics, a new Troi map and new vehicles.

PUBG: New State is said to offer a futuristic take on the classic battle royale popularized by its predecessor, PUBG Mobile. Set in 2051, the game brings to the franchise a new map, new weapons, new strategies, and larger city structures such as shopping malls and high-rise buildings.

The game also features new equipment such as remote controlled drones, ballistic shields, neon sights and a “combat balancing ability” that will add fresh dynamics to your gameplay.


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