Pushpaka Vimanam movie review: Anand Deverakonda film is a mixed bag


Anand Deverakonda’s third film Pushpaka Vimanam has been released in cinema halls amid decent buzz. The film introduces Damodara as a director and also stars Geeth Saini, Saanve Megghana, Sunil, Naresh, and Harsha Vardhan.

The film revolves around the lives of Chittilanka Sundar (Anand Deverakonda) and his wife Meenakshi (Geeth Saini). Sundar is a school teacher who is an introvert and only wants a normal life. He ties the knot with Meenakshi, imagining a beautiful married life. However, Meenakshi elopes weeks after their marriage, leaving him devastated. Sundar lives in denial and refuses to reveal the truth to his friends and neighbours. He also continues his attempts to find his wife. He finds out more about her and the situations she has faced. However, he soons ends up embroiled in a legal case, which turns his life upside down.

The movie is a mixed bag of different genres. While the first half plays like a situational comedy, the second half takes on shades of an investigative thriller. The strength of this film are its unique characters and the colour they bring to the story. The director had penned them with utmost clarity, and he makes sure that they serve their purpose in the story. However, crisper editing and a faster pace in the second half would have made the film more interesting.

Anand Deverakonda comes as a surprise package in the movie. His performance as a loser and an ever confused soul is on point. Saanve Megghana as a short film actress, Naresh as a school headmaster, and Sunil as an investigative cop bring in laughs.



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