Queen Elizabeth’s purple hands in viral pics spark concerns. Here is what doctors say



Queen and General Sir Nick Carter at Windsor Castle


  • This is Queen’s first public appearance after being advised to bed rest for a month due to a spinal injury.
  • The purple hue is commonly associated with deoxygenated blood: Dr. Jay Verma of Shakespeare Medical Center.
  • Maybe “Raynaud’s phenomenon” or just cold hands: doctors

Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain returned to office after being advised to bed rest for a month due to a spinal injury. On Friday, she hosted the Chief of Defense Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, at Windsor Castle, which caught the attention of netizens. In the photograph of Her Majesty and General Carter, their hands were unusually purple. Shortly thereafter, photographs of the 95-year-old monarch’s hands went viral on the Internet.

To answer the questions and concerns raised by netizens, Metro.uk quoted Dr. Jay Verma of Shakespeare Medical Center as explaining the reason behind his hands. He said it could be Raynaud’s phenomenon or just cold hands. Verma said the purple hue is usually associated with deoxygenated blood.

“Purple hands can be caused by lack of circulation, fragile skin, exposed veins, bruising, and blood leaking into the tissue under the skin,” he added.

However, Twitter was inundated with concerned messages and comments regarding the Queen’s health.

Some of the reactions are:

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