Raashii Khanna says she loves her chemistry with Shahid Kapoor in Farzi: ‘Something amazing is coming your way’


Raashi Khanna completed 8 years in the Telugu film industry on Monday. To celebrate this event, the artist held a live broadcast on her Instagram account. During a live chat with fans, she talked about her upcoming projects.

Speaking about Yodha, which also stars Siddharth Malhotra, Raashi said, “We are almost done with the spoken part. And now there are songs that I really look forward to. It will be a film that you will really enjoy watching on screen.”

Rashii Khanna will also see the shared screen space with Shahid Kapoor in the upcoming Raja and DC series called Farzi. While praising Shahid, Raashi said, “I can say a lot of good things about him. He is a very cheerful, loving person. You feel very comfortable with him, which I like about him.”

She added that Farzi is a project that her fans should look forward to. “I dubbed Farzi and I have to tell you guys that something amazing is in store for you. This is what I am very happy about. I loved my chemistry and Shahid’s chemistry. I remember calling him and telling him he did an amazing job,” she said.

Apart from his Hindi projects, Raashi also has Telugu films. Her films “Pakka Commercial” and “Thank You” are released on July 1 and 8, respectively. During an Instagram live broadcast, Raashi said that she is playing “completely different characters” in upcoming Telugu films.

Speaking about Pakka Commercial, Raashi said, “Honestly, comedy is one of the hardest genres to enter. And I played a full comedic role in this film. I hope you will like it. Allu Arvind Garu called me today. His words mean a lot. He called me and said: “You are the highlight of the film.” He said a lot of good things that gave me more confidence in the film. You’ll love it in the cinemas.” She also spoke about Naga Chaitanya asterisk Thanks. The actress said that the film is about expressing gratitude, and it helped her become a better person.



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