Rahul Gandhi should lead party as early as possible: Siddaramaiah


Image source: PTI

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi during a press conference at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi.

Former Karnataka State Minister Siddaramaya on Monday said that Rahul Gandhi should take over as president of Congress and lead the party as early as possible because Sonia Gandhi is not feeling well.

“I invited Rahul Ji to become the president of the All India Committee of the Congress,” Siddaramayah told reporters here on the sidelines of the event.

“It’s not that Sonya Ji is incapable of fulfilling her duties as president. Sonya G is not in good health. That is why I offered Rahulji to take the presidency as early as possible, ”he added.

When asked about the coal shortage in Karnataka, a congressional supporter said the Center had already clarified that there was no shortage.

He also argued that Karnataka does not need so much coal when renewable energy is available in abundance in the state.

Siddaramayah said the Center has already made it clear that there is no shortage of coal in the country.

“In Karnataka, according to my information, there is also no shortage of coal. If the government says there is a deficit, then in my opinion it is an artificial deficit because it does not require so much coal to generate electricity, “said the former chief minister.

“There is hydropower, wind and solar energy. Therefore, it does not require as much energy based on coal, ”he explained.

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