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Rajnath Singh to participate in Shaheed Samman Yatra in poll-bound Uttarakhand on October 24


Rajnath Singh will take part in Shahid Samman Yatra in the alleged poll of Uttarakhand on October 24th.

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will visit Uttarakhand on October 24 to participate in the Shahid Samman Yatra. The trade union minister will launch a yatra from the Kumaon area.

Uttarakhand Soldier Welfare Minister Ganesh Joshi met Friday with Singh and Defense Chief of Staff Bipin Rawat. When asked if the yatra was timed to coincide with the election based on the voting results, Joshi said it was planned in advance and based on a proposal from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The BJP does nothing for political gain. We respect martyrs. Prime Minister Modi, when he arrived in Uttarakhand, spoke of the fifth Dham in the state, since one in five members of the army staffed in the border area comes from our state. We will remove Shaheed Samman Yatra from Garhwal on October 21st and from Kumaon on October 24th, ”Joshi said.

“We contacted 1,734 families. We will visit them and take the land from their home for use in the Dham. On October 24, Rajnath Singh will hold a yatra in the Kumaon region, ”he added.

The BJP expects to reach out to the constituents of each village through a yatra to honor the memory of families who have lost their members in the service of the nation. Uttarakhand has an estimated 4 million Faujah voters, a significant number considering the state’s population.

In response to polls by the Aam Admi Party (AARP), Joshi said that “AARP has nothing to do with the state.”

“Kejriwal raised doubts about the army during surgical strikes. People won’t take him seriously, ”he said. The state plans to conduct congregation polls in early 2022.

(With ANI inputs)

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