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Referred to Charlize Theron’s films for action sequences: South Korean star Han So-hee on her role in My Name

South Korean star Han Seo Hee is no stranger to playing gray roles in hit dramas like Married World and Abyss, but the actor says the responsibility for performing action noir films like My Name comes with his own. a set of problems.

Han underwent extensive physical training to convincingly portray her character as a revenge-seeking woman in the show, which is being touted as a major twist for the actor.

“I think the pressure to run the show alone was the hardest part. And this was my first time filming a strenuous scene, so I felt some pressure and fear, ”Han told PTI in an interview with Zoom with the help of a translator from Seoul.

The Netflix series is directed by Kim Jin Min, famous outside of school, and is written by Kim Ba-da.

In the series, Han plays Yoon Ji-woo, a young woman whose sole purpose is to avenge her father’s murder. In order to catch the killer, she trusts Choi Moo Jin, an influential crime boss played by Park Hee Sun, under whose direction she infiltrates the anti-drug police unit.

The 26-year-old actor described Ji-woo’s character as “a woman of few words,” whose personality is evident in her actions.

“She is totally out for revenge and is beaten all the time, but she always remains determined to achieve her goal, and all this fascinates me about her,” she added.

My name will be the actor’s second project this year after the immense popularity of her college romance series Still, in which she plays the quiet and heartbroken sculptor student Yoo Na Bi, who strikes up a vague romance with her younger boyfriend Park Jae Young (Song Kang). a womanizer who hides his true feelings.

Initially, Han starred in shows such as the slow revenge drama Money Flower, the historical drama 100 Days My Prince, and played a child abuse swindler seeking her mother in the Abyss.

But it was her role as a young lover in the hit TV series Married World (2020) alongside Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Jun that brought her fame.

The actor, who spent two to three months carefully preparing for his stunts in action school and even put on 10 kg for the role, said that “My Name” is a series with “the most realistic action.”

At a recent worldwide press conference, she revealed that she had referenced Charlize Theron’s “Exploding Blonde” and “The Old Guard” for the episodes “My Name.”

Her partner Park said viewers should be looking forward to the show as it is a noir-style drama “led exclusively by one of Korea’s most popular actresses in her 20s.”

In My Name, the 51-year-old actor plays Choi Moo Jin, the leader of the country’s largest drug cartel, Doncheon, whose legitimate business is owned by the hotel. After his fellow cartel and Ji-woo’s father are killed, he takes her under his wing to help her get revenge.

Park said the equation between Moo Jin and Ji-woo is undergoing a lot of changes, and he hopes viewers will enjoy watching the eight-part series.

“From Mu-jin’s point of view, Ji-woo is first his friend’s daughter, then she becomes a member of his drug treatment network, and (finally, when) she goes undercover as a police officer. At every stage, his psychology and inner feelings for Ji-u change, “said the actor, known for films such as Seven Days, VIP and the TV series Missing.

My Name also features Itaewon Class star Ahn Bo Hyun, Kingdom actor Kim Sang Ho, Married World actors Lee Hak Joo and Jang Yul. The Netflix series will premiere on October 15.

The world premiere of “My Name” will also take place at the 26th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in the first “On Screen” section on Thursday, which will air three of the eight episodes of the series.



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