Repeal of farm laws ‘defeat of PM, arrogance’; now Centre should fix MSP: Lalu Yadav


Description of the Prime Minister’s Statement Narendra Modi repeal three controversial farming laws as “a victory for farmers and a defeat for arrogance”, Rashtriya Janata Dal President Lalu Prasad on Wednesday demanded that the Center now set a minimum support price (SME) for the benefit of peasants.

Addressing supporters on the 25th founding day of the RJD, Prasad said the party has the support of farmers and weaker sections of society to help form a state government in the next congregational elections.

“The decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to repeal the laws is a victory for the farmers. Narendra Modi and arrogance were defeated. However, the movement will continue until the law on the LBT is adopted, ”he said.

Modi announced last week that three central farming laws would be repealed. The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a bill to abolish them.

“The state and Center NDA governing bodies have been overwhelmed by the massive and unprecedented support that RJD has recently received from farmers. RJD enjoys the support of farmers and the weaker sections of society. We will form the state government at the next meeting vote, ”said the 73-year-old former chief minister.

By that time, the party will distribute more tickets to women, he said.

Supremo RJD, who has remained in Delhi since his release from prison a few months ago, said he no longer wants to stay away from the residents of Bihar.

He has been convicted in a number of feed fraud cases and is now released on bail. He appeared before the CBI Special Court in Patna in connection with another feed fraud case on Tuesday.

“Today I decided to go for a jeep ride,” he said.

Many years later, Prasad was driving a car. A video clip of a seventy-year-old resident at the wheel posted on his Twitter went viral.

The head of the RJD also unveiled a giant stone lantern, the symbol of the party in elections, on the grounds of his office.

Speaking on this occasion, the leader of the opposition in the Bihar Assembly Tejashvi Yadav said that the state was retreating under the rule Nitish Kumarbut reigning Janata Dahl (United) is celebrating 15 years of rule.

“In what area has Bihar become unrivaled? In unemployment, in the ban on alcohol, in the crime rate. Education was destroyed and not a single factory was created in the last 15 years. There was only flood and drought in Bihar, ”said Yadav, the son and heir of Prasad.

“Where is Bihar in the Niti Ayog ranking? It is in position number one from the bottom. When asked about this by the Chief Minister, he expressed his ignorance. This shows that the government is not serious about meeting the basic needs of the people, ”Yadav said.

In June, Bihar was ranked as the worst performer in the Niti Aayog Sustainable Development Goals Index 2020-21.

Ruling Janata Dal (United) hosted events in 40 locations in the state on Wednesday to mark the end of Chief Minister Kumar’s 15th year in office.

Kumar and JD (U) report cards over the years were also presented on this occasion. He became CM on November 24, 2005, removing RJD from power.


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