Riot Games unveils new look at assist-based fighter – ‘Project L’


Riot Games has unveiled new gameplay footage for their upcoming assist-based 2D fighting game, ‘Project L.’ Set within the League of Legends universe, the title is currently deep in development and will not be shi[[ing in 2021 or 2022.

In an assist-based fighter, players will take part in 1v1 matches where they can occasionally summon their teammate (another character) to help them deal extra damage or other utilities. Project L follows the same principle and lets you pick two champions on either side from their ever-growing roster.

Going off the trailer, we can confirm the five heroes that will be available at launch – Ahri, Jinx, Katarina, Darius, and Ekko. Each of these characters has a unique set of abilities and fight conditions, derived straight from League of Legends. Ahri and Jinx can attack from range, while Katarina, Ekko, and Darius are armed with melee weapons, thereby forcing them to get close.

Unlike most other fighting games, Project L will feature a set of controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master. The more you play, the better you get at the game, allowing you to showcase your high-end mastery. “This isn’t about building a game where new players have a chance to beat the pros. It’s about unlocking the fun at all skill levels,” said Tom Cannon, Executive Producer at Project L.

The trailer also provides an in-depth look at Ekko, the time-bending punk genius who deals heavy damage using his Chrono Strike ability. This creates a dissipating after image that he can rewind back to any time within the next couple of seconds. Players can use it to create strong combo opportunities or even retry a moveset upon botching them.

Ekko using his strike attack. (Image credit: Project L, Riot Games)

Ekko’s arsenal also includes a ‘Timewinder,’ which works quite similar to a grenade, but has a “time slowing” element to it. Upon being charged up, the grenade explodes into a time distortion field that slows down his opponents. Players can take advantage of this brief period and exert a massive barrage of attacks before it resets.

To avoid input lags and disconnections, Riot Games will be implementing rollback networking, which provides the same highly responsive feedback as you would get with offline play. “Rollback does a great job of maintaining a consistent low input delay across a wide range of pings,” said Tony Cannon, Technical Lead at Project L. If your opponent ends up rage quitting the game, the netcode will automatically determine the winner and loser, and accordingly, reward or penalise them.

Recently, a lot of big-name studios have been showing interest in fighting games, for example, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Even Warner Bros had announced a new free-to-play platform fighting game that will be available on all major platforms in 2022. Going by Riot Games’ diverse catalogue and history, we can assume that Project L will be free as well.

The game is still in R&D and needs a full roster of champions, level designs, stages, add menus and UI, and a lot more before the developers can finally fixate on a release date.



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