Sack MoS, make MSP legal right: farmers put six demands to PM Modi


Even when the Center began to prepare the ground for the approval of the Federal Cabinet on Wednesday, the draft laws necessary for repeal three agricultural lawsfarmers’ unions wrote an open letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi listed his remaining requirements, especially the legal mandate for the MSP, and said they would continue to protest until all issues are resolved.

“Cabinet is likely to consider revoking three agricultural laws for approval on Wednesday. Bills to revoke laws should be submitted for the upcoming session of parliament, ”the sources said.

Meanwhile, Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) held a press conference at the protest site on the Delhi Singhu border and said that the farmers’ unions will continue various protests as scheduled and that key meeting will take place on November 27

SKM convened a mahapanchayat on Monday in Lucknow, where several farm managers, including Rakesh Tikait, will be present.

“The next meeting will be held on November 27 to consider the events, if any,” the SCM said. The leaders said the meeting will also outline a further course of action.

Unions will also celebrate Kisan Mazdur Sangharsh Divas on November 24 to mark the birthday of Sir Chhotu Ram, farm leaders said.

Two days later, they will hold a Dilli Border Morche Par Chalo with tractor rallies across the states to mark the year the first group of farmers arrived from Punjab and Haryana to Singha. From November 29, SKM plans to send 500 protesters every day to parliament on tractors to protest during the winter session.

Farmers celebrate at a protest site on Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana following the repeal of farm laws on Friday. (Express Photo of Gurmith Singh)

“We wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister. We will focus on several issues, including the legal mandate of the MSP. The details of the formation of the MSP committee were discussed in the letter. The key point in the letter is the bill to amend the law on electricity. V Lahimpur They also mentioned the Kheri incident and our demands to act against the union minister (Union MoS Ajay Mishra), ”said Balbir Singh Rajewal of BKU Rajewal.

In a letter released late Sunday evening, SCM said they were “disappointed” at the lack of “specific” announcements on the remaining claims. He also sought to erect a monument to “more than 700 farmers” who died during the protests.

The letter requested an immediate end to action against protesters on farms who “have been involved in hundreds of cases during this movement (from June 2020 to date) in Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh and several other states.”

“We noted that after 11 rounds of negotiations, you chose the path of a unilateral statement, not a bilateral solution; However, we are pleased that you announced your decision to repeal all three agricultural laws. We welcome this announcement and hope that your government will fulfill this promise as soon as possible and in full, ”the letter says.

Raising their key demand for MSPs, the SKM letter said: “The minimum support price based on the full cost of production (C2 + 50%) should become the legal right of all farmers on all agricultural products so that every farmer in the country can be guaranteed at least least the MSP declared by the government for their entire crop. “

In addition to the electricity bill and the requirement to lift any criminal measures against farmers for air pollution, the letter mentions an incident in Lahimpur Kheri at UP on October 3, in which four protesters were killed by being hit by a convoy of three cars, including one. owned by MoS Mishra.

“Ajay Mishra Teni, mastermind of the Lahimpur Kheri murder case and a section 120B defendant, still roams freely and remains a minister in your cabinet. He also shares the stage with you and other senior ministers. He should be fired and arrested, ”the message says.

“During this movement, at the moment, about 700 farmers have given their lives to the cause as the highest sacrifice. Compensatory and rehabilitative support should be provided to their families. In order to build a monument to the martyrs in memory of the peasants-martyrs, it is necessary to provide land on the border of Singh, ”the message says.

“Prime Minister, you have called on farmers to return home. We want to assure you that we do not like to sit outside. We, too, want us to return to our homes, families and farms as soon as possible after these other issues are resolved. If you want the same, the government should immediately resume negotiations with Samyukta Kisan Morcha on the above six issues, ”the letter says.

At the Singhu protest site, several protesters announced a “fresh wave of energy” in their ranks. “The completion of one year is an important moment for us. If the government does try to delay the cancellation, we will stay here for another year. In the meantime, we are preparing for various events in the coming days, ”said Gurinder Singh, a protester from Jalandhar.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Modi announced his decision to repeal three farm laws: the Agricultural Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Assistance) Law of 2020; Farmer Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) Price Guarantee and Agricultural Services Act, 2020; and the Essentials (Amendment) Act 2020.

Indian express reported on Sunday that the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare and the Ministry of Consumers, Food and Catering – the two ministries responsible for implementing the three laws – have begun the process of drafting bills to repeal.


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