Salman Khan: Younger generation has to work hard for stardom, we won’t hand it to them


Ahead of the release of the Hindi film “Anti: The Final Truth,” actor Salman Khan talks about how the next generation of actors must do a lot of hard work to achieve fame in the Indian film industry.

Superstar Salman Khan says the era of stars will never end in the film industry, but a new generation of actors need to work hard to avoid being “handed” the title on a platter.

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Salman, along with his contemporaries such as Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, has remained one of the biggest stars since the 90s and continues to dominate the box office.

The 55-year-old actor believes that younger actors will have to put in as much effort to be called superstars as they need to keep the title.

“Even I heard it”stars ka zamana hatam ho gaya hai‘(the era of the stars is over). For four generations I have heard: “This is the last generation of stars …” But we will not leave it to the discretion of the younger generation, we will not pass it on to them. They have to work hard, as we do in our 50s, ”Salman said in a group interview.

The actor, who has a dedicated fan base, said that fame is the result of the right package, which includes not only the choice of the film, but also its personality.

Salman said the new actors will have things to do, too, because the fame he enjoys will never be limited to them: “The era of superstars will never go away. Come on, someone else will come along. I don’t think the era of stars will go away, it will always be. But it depends on many things … A selection of films, what you are in real life. This is a whole package. The younger generation will surely have their superstar. ”

The actor is currently preparing to release his latest film, Anti: The Last Truthwhich features him as a Sikh police officer.

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, the action movie also plays the gangster Ayush Sharma, Salman’s son-in-law. The movie is slated to premiere on November 26, but when cinemas in Maharashtra closed after the second wave of the pandemic, reports surfaced that filmmakers were considering premiere on a streaming platform.

Salman, however, said that when the debate about the uncertainty about theatrical release of films gathered steam, he never panicked.

“It never bothered me. I knew they would close someday, but as soon as the vaccinations are done … Then people will start returning to the theaters. I don’t think cinema can replace OTT, or OTT can take the place of cinema. You can watch movies at home without leaving your home, but watching movies on the small screen is not fun. There is no experience like watching a movie on a big screen, ”he added.

2018 Marathi Crime Drama Remake Mulshi Pattern, Antim positioned as a story about two powerful people with polar opposite ideologies; one is a policeman and the other is a gangster.


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