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SC allows girls to take entrance exam for admission in Rashtriya Indian Military College in December – Times of India

New Delhi [India]Oct. 7 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Center to take immediate action to allow girls to pass the entrance exams for admission to the Rashtriya Military College of India (RIMC) on December 18, 2021.

The panel of judges, chaired by Judge Sanjay Kishan Kaul, asking the Center to allow girls to take the RIMC entrance exams this year instead of waiting until June 2022, instructed the government to publish the revised announcement within two days to accept applications from girls.

Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati, who has appeared at the Center, told Bench that preparations for the upcoming exam on December 18, 2021 are already at an advanced stage and urged her to allow girls to enter RIMC and the Rashtriya Military Academy (RMS). for a period beginning in January 2023, not from June 2022.


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The bench, however, was not convinced of the Center’s decision and ordered the girls to take entrance exams this year.

Earlier, the Court instructed the Ministry of Defense to allow women candidates to take the upcoming exams at the National Defense Academy.

The Supreme Court has now placed the matter for a hearing in January 2023, along with a case concerning the conscription of women into the military through the NDA.

The Army Training Command has filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court in the case saying it is making arrangements to enroll female cadets, candidates for RIMC and Rashtriya Military Schools (RMC) from the 2022-2023 academic session.

The highest court considered a motion filed by attorney Kailas Udhavrao More against the expulsion of female candidates from the Indian Military School of Rashtriya and other schools and colleges under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense, such as Indian Military College, Sainik School, National Yacht Training School. …

The affidavit reads: “Admission to RIMC is through the All India Competitive Exams, held twice a year in June and December each year for admission in January and July. All states of the union are allocated one seat, while Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are allocated two seats, UP has allocated three seats. Step-by-step process to be followed: Gradually increase the capacity from 250 to 300, introducing five girls every six months. Girls will be allowed to take the RIMC entrance exams scheduled for June 2022 for admission to the RIMC for a deadline starting in January 2023. ”

Phase 2 plans to increase capacity from 300 to 350 and train ten girls every month, and at the end of this expansion, RIMC will have 250 boys and 100 girls added to it.



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