SC verdict on Ayodhya became right judgment only because both sides accepted it: Chidambaram


Congress Leader P. Chidambaram said on Wednesday that just because both sides accepted the Supreme Court’s verdict on Ayodhya, it was the right decision, not the other way around.

After the launch of party colleague Salman Khurshid’s book Sunrise Over Ayodhya – Nationality Today, he called the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 a “terrible evil” that humiliated our Constitution.

Party colleague Digwijaya Singh said that in the history of the country, vandalism and destruction of temples took place even before the arrival of Islam, but an atmosphere was created in which it was said that such actions were carried out by Muslim rulers and that is why they are responsible for it. …

Singh also claimed that Rath L.K. Advani Yatra‘was not supposed to unite society, but to divide it, and wherever he went, he sowed the seeds of hatred and created an atmosphere of sectarianism in the country.

He also argued that Vir Sarvarkar was not a religious person, as he questioned a cow called “mata” and also ate beef.

Chidambaram complained that even after 75 years of independence, it is necessary to conclude that no one destroyed the Babri Masjid mosque, since all the defendants in this case were acquitted within a year after the Supreme Court’s verdict.

“This story began in 1992 and ended unexpectedly on November 9, 2019, exactly two years ago. The jurisprudence of this decision is extremely narrow, it is a very thin ledge, but over time, as the author points out, all parties have accepted it.

“Since both sides made this decision, it became the right judgment and not the other way around. This is a misjudgment that both sides agreed with. Since both sides made this decision, it became the right judgment, ”said the former finance minister.

Chidambaram said that Khurshid did not want to rock the boat or wiggle the hornet’s nest, and he understood his reluctance to do so.

Quoting Singh, Chidambaram said that he spoke of truth and reconciliation with an emphasis on reconciliation. Nelson Mandela also promised truth and reconciliation, but first the truth must be told, and then there can be reconciliation.

“In fact, what happened on December 6, 1992 was a terrible mistake. It was an incident that humiliated our Constitution, challenged the Supreme Court and created what seemed at the time an insurmountable chasm between the two communities. It was wrong, terribly wrong, and I would say 100 times that it would always be terribly wrong, ”he said.

Chidambaram lamented that every day there are events that devastate the soul of our Constitution, but none of the dignitaries want to stand up and speak out for this serious humiliation and denigration of our Constitution. He also lamented that even when lynching is taking place in the country, none of the authorities oppose it.

The leader of the Congress said that words and practice have taken on a new meaning today because what Gandhi Ji considered “Ram Rajya” is no longer “Ram Rajya” as understood by many other Indians.

He also said that what Panditji thinks about secularism is definitely not the way that scularism is understood by many millions of fellow citizens.

“Secularism has moved away from acceptance to tolerance and from tolerance to difficult coexistence. Secularism moved from communal life to division, to ghetto life. Secularism has moved away from friends from all communities and all religions, ”he said, adding that words have acquired a new meaning, and if we do not recognize what has happened to our country over the past 15-20 years, we will not be faithful to which one, in our opinion must be India.

“Today we live in a world where lynching is not condemned by any government official, especially the prime minister and even more so the interior minister,” Chidambaram said.

Singh said the Ram Janmabhumi controversy has been around since 1858, but the VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS never made it a problem.

He argued that after being confined to two places in 1984, they decided to make it a national issue because Atala Bihari Vajpayee’s Gandhian socialism failed and they moved to rigid religious fundamentalism.

“Rat-yatra L.K. Advani was not supposed to unite society, but to divide it. Wherever he goes, he sows seeds of hatred. Ratha-yatra Advani has created an atmosphere of sectarianism in our country, ”he said.

“Hindutva has nothing to do with the Hindu religion. Savarkar was not a religious person. He even said why the cow is considered maata (mother) and he has no problem consuming beef. He coined the word “hindutva” to establish a Hindu identity that caused confusion among people and was circulated by RSS, ”he said.

Singh said that in addition to the legal implications, Khurshid in this book also talked about the implications for society and the path to reconciliation.


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