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School reopening: Kerala govt prepares centralised module to de-stress parents

At a time when all schools are due to reopen in the next month after being closed for over a year, Kerala’s Department of General Education is busy preparing a centralized module to ease the stress and anxiety of children as well as parents for that matter.

General Education Minister V. Sivankutti told the State Assembly that awareness classes will be held at the classroom level for parents and children based on the module when it is ready.

“As part of the initiative, teachers will first receive module-based training, and such trained teachers, in turn, will teach parents awareness-raising lessons to relieve their tension and anxiety,” he said during an hour of questions.

Students will also be offered similar awareness-raising lessons in the early days of the school’s opening, he added, adding that consultations had already been held for children in need with the support of the Social Justice Department.

Speaking in detail about the government’s preparations for the opening of the school, the minister said that steps are being taken to clean and disinfect all places where children used to gather, and a bio-bubble system will be introduced to strictly ensure their safety.

He said that everything will be done in such a way that only two children sit on the bench, and added that all ordinary days, including Saturday, which is not a holiday, will be working days.

School officials have been instructed to prepare and distribute high tea for children in accordance with the COVID protocol, in addition to providing them with the services of a doctor. Sivankutti added that in addition to soap and disinfectant, a thermal imager will be installed in each school to measure the body temperature of children, teachers and non-teaching staff.

With the spread of COVID, the state government has been providing online education to children in government and helping schools for the past two academic years, including the current one.

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