Service providers can now check vaccination status of an individual on CoWIN portal with consent


The Union’s Ministry of Health has activated a service on the CoWIN portal that allows anyone to check vaccination status by their registered mobile phone number and person’s name, followed by an OTP to obtain consent.

The service may be used by a service provider – private organizations such as travel agencies, offices, employers, entertainment agencies, or government agencies such as IRCTC – for which checking a person’s vaccination status is critical to delivering the service requested by the citizen, the official said.

“Now download the fully / partially vaccinated icon from CoWIN ( and share it with your friends on all your social platforms! Encourage your family and friends to follow you and #FightCovid, ”National Health Authority Director General R.S. Sharma.

The service is being created to help citizens who may not have a digital or paper vaccine certificate to receive the requested service, and can help the service provider check the vaccination status / digital record of the citizen’s vaccination against the authorized authorization of the requesting entity.

The service helps in checking the vaccination of people. This service can be used by travel agents and helps to make travel safe for people by allowing travel only for vaccinated people.

Employers can use this service to check the vaccination status of employees and resume work in offices, workplaces, etc. D.

According to him, this service will help to resume and intensify economic activity in the country.


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