Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan hints being heartbroken, here’s why



Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan, daughter of a Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, has hinted that she is about to leave New York, where she studied filmmaking at New York University, and is heartbroken over the move. Suhana shared a post on Instagram hinting that she is ready to leave the big apple. She shared a monochrome image of a building and a moving truck that read, “Don’t worry. Even if you leave New York, you will always be a New Yorker. “

To sign this, Suhana threw a broken-hearted emoji. Lots of Suhana’s friends have shared messages in her comment section. One wrote, “New York already misses you.” “You’re going to do amazing things,” said another. A friend just wished her luck.

The daughter of Shah Rukh Khan Suhan is one of the most popular faces on social media. She is known for her bold and hot style on social media as well as speaking her mind. The superstar’s daughter dresses up in the most expensive outfits and takes them off with confidence. Suhana’s choice of outfits compares favorably with her contemporaries.

Check out some of her trendiest outfits:

At 21, even before she got into show business, this star child had already succeeded. A while ago, she even spoke out about prejudice about skin color, and she has to deal with rude comments because of her dark complexion.

She told how from the age of 12 she was told that she was ugly because of her skin tone. Suhana said she failed to lighten her skin, adding that she would never do it. She revealed her “comments about her” appearance “in her recent Instagram post, along with a photo.

“There is a lot going on right now and this is one of the problems we need to fix !! This does not only apply to me, it applies to every young girl / boy who has grown up and feel inferior for no reason. Here are just a few comments about my appearance. Grown men and women have told me that I am ugly because of my skin tone since I was 12, ”she wrote.

“In addition to the fact that these are real adults, the sad thing is that we are all Indians, which automatically makes us brown – yes, we come in different shades, but no matter how you try to distance yourself from melanin, you just can.” people just means you are painfully insecure. “

Then she called for an end to colorism. “I’m sorry if social media, matchmaking in India or even your own families have convinced you that if you are not 5-7 and honest, you are ugly. I hope this helps to know that I am 5 “3 and brown and I am very happy about it and you should be too. # Endcolourism, she wrote.

Suhana is studying filmmaking in New York. The 21-year-old man is the second child of SRK and Gauri Khan after their son Aryan, who was born in 1997. In 2013, the couple gave birth to their third child, Abram, through surrogacy.



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