Shahid Kapoor on Jersey releasing in theatres: ‘We were cheering hard for Sooryavanshi to do well, so we all can release our films’


Shahid Kapoor on Tuesday launched the trailer of his upcoming film Jersey. At the trailer launch, Shahid said that he considers himself fortunate that his film is releasing in theatres, especially after cinema halls remained shut for a long time due to the pandemic.

Shahid said during the Covid-19 induced lockdown, he spent time with his family, and was not working. He said, “I was not in Mumbai. I was in Punjab with my family and that’s also where we were shooting for Jersey. I feel like I have forgotten how it feels like to be in Mumbai. However, it is amazing to be back now that theatres are open. It is amazing to come together and celebrate a film where it is supposed to be celebrated in, which is the big screen. We can never lose the love and charm for that”.

Shahid also spoke about how Jersey was among those films waiting for theatres to reopen. He said they were excitedly waiting for Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi to release first so that other films can make a decision on when and where to release their movies. The Rohit Shetty directorial released on November 5 and has crossed the Rs 175 crore mark at the box-office.

He said, “Content is travelling in many different ways right now and I am so happy that I worked with this team. I feel very blessed today that we have a release date and that the film is releasing in theatres. One of the team’s really cheering hard for Sooryavanshi was also team Jersey. We all just wanted Sooryavanshi to do well and business kick-starts again, so we all can release our films. It is great to see that films are back in theatres and congratulations to Sooryavanshi for having the guts to go out there and be the first in line. It is not easy to do that. It is not easy for any of us. Having shops shut for almost two years and thinking about what’s going to happen was a very scary feeling. This film is about the triumph of the human spirit, so it has a great context for today’s times. It is even more relevant today than it was when we started shooting it”.

Shahid Kapoor, who has been an actor for almost two decades, shared how he has done various genres of films, but he finds doing remakes tough.

“After Kabir Singh and Jersey, I have realised it is very difficult to do a remake, and sometimes even tougher than doing an original character because you have to make it fresh. It cannot look like copy-paste. It can’t look like you’re picking up something and creating it. You have to rediscover it all over again,” Shahid said.

He added, “I feel that this version of Jersey is very different from the original. The actor and cultural milieu has changed. We have taken the film to Chandigarh. We have made a lot of small changes to the film. His behaviour, angst and pain are very different. After doing a couple of remakes, I have realised that once the actor, the cultural milieu and the language changes, if it is still the same, then you are probably doing something wrong. You have to bring authenticity to that story for the backdrop that you are placing it against.”

Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey, which is helmed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, is set to release on December 31.



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