Shocking, says Opp, after RS Secretary General is shunted out in two months


The appointment of former IRS officer P.K. Modi, the former chairman of the Central Direct Tax Council, by secretary general Rajya Sabha, sparked a political dispute on Friday with the opposition seeking to find out the reasons for the resignation of the incumbent PKK Ramacaryulu just two months after. he was appointed.

Ramacaryulu took over as General Secretary of Rajya Sabha on September 1. He was the first official of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to rise to this post, and this moment was celebrated when he was named. Now he was evicted and appointed “advisor”.

“It’s amazing and shocking. When the Session had already been called, why was this sudden decision taken, what are the reasons? What is the purpose and intent of this, we must find out, ”said the leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge. Indian express

He said it was common practice to appoint legal experts as Secretary General.

“We do not know if they consulted with the Vice President of India, who is also the President of the House of Representatives. This is also what we need to find out. Why did they so hastily appoint a new secretary general? Why did they replace Ramacaryula, who was appointed just two months ago when the meeting was called under his signature? “- said Harge.

The head of the Rajya Sabha Congress, Jairam Ramesh, responded on Twitter, “Not surprised at all. Dr. P.P. Ramacaryulu is a thorough professional, impartial and perfectly prepared for this position – three deadly sins in Modi regime. “

Trinamool and RJD also expressed surprise.

“It is not known why the person who was appointed just 73 days ago was suddenly replaced by an IRS officer,” Trinamool Congressman Sukhendu Shekhar Roy told The Indian Express.

“I find it very strange and inexplicable. He could not attend any of the sessions, because his appointment was made after the end of the last session. And on the eve of a new session, you invite someone new; it raises questions, ”said the RJD leader at Rajya Sabha Manoj Jha.

Modi, an employee of the Indian Revenue Service in 1982, resigned as chairman of the CBDT in May of this year. He was appointed chairman in February 2019.

In June 2019, the Chief Commissioner for Income Tax (Mumbai) filed a complaint with the Minister of Finance. Nirmala Sitharaman v. Modi, in which the officer detailed what she called his “shocking” directive to bury a “delicate matter.”

The complaint, reported by The Indian Express, was forwarded by the Chief Commissioner to the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office. It also claimed that the CBDT chairman informed the chief commissioner that he “secured” his position through a “successful tracing” of the opposition leader. When contacted, Modi was unavailable for comment.

Two months after filing a complaint, he was extended by one year by the government, and subsequently received two more extensions as head of the main tax authority.

In announcing Ramacaryulu’s appointment as Secretary General on 31 August, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat said that he was “the first insider to leave the ranks of the Secretariat” and that “he has about 40 years of experience with various aspects of the Secretariat’s operations”. Parliament “.

He joined the Secretariat in 1983 after serving for a year at the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

Ramacaryulu is the first general secretary of Rajya Sabha with such a short tenure. His predecessor Desh Deepak Verma served as Secretary General for four years from 2017. A 1978 IAS employee, Verma retired as Secretary of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in 2013. After retirement, he served as Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The Secretary General is the third most senior official of the Rajya Sabha after the Chairman and Vice Chairman. In the warrant for primacy, he has a rank corresponding to the secretary of the cabinet of ministers.

According to the official profile of the position, “The Secretary General is appointed by Chairman Rajya Sabha from among those who have achieved their goals through long years of work in parliament, state legislatures or public service.”

He defines the role as “an advisor to the chairman on matters concerning the Rajya Sabha or his Secretariat … he is expected to be the repository of the accumulated wisdom of the House; the keeper of his culture, traditions and precedents ”.

Modi holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws and a Journalism Diploma.


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