Sonia to Akhilesh, Stalin to Mamata: Victory for farmers, PM eye on polls


As prime minister Narendra Modi announced the abolition of three agricultural laws, the opposition called it a victory for the farmers, and the President of Congress Sonya Gandhi saying she hopes the government has “learned lessons for the future” and Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav rejected the prime minister’s apology for the government’s failure to convince farmers of the laws as “jhut ki maafi (fake apology) with an eye to votes.”

From Congress to left-wing parties and regional players like TMC, AAP, RJD, BSP, RLD, and DMK – parties that have supported the anti-agricultural law movement over the past year – have welcomed the announcement to repeal the laws, with some claiming the decision on the abolition of the laws was adopted by the government, fearing failure in the upcoming elections to the Assembly.

Congress lashed out at the prime minister, asking him to apologize to the farming community and the families of farmers killed during the protest.

In her statement, Sonia Gandhi stated that the abolition of farm laws was a victory for truth, justice and non-violence. “The conspiracy conceived by the authorities against the farmers and workers has failed today, as has the arrogance of the dictatorial rulers. In a democracy, decisions must be made after discussion with everyone, with the consent of the parties concerned and taking into account the views of the opposition. I hope the Modi government has learned at least some lessons for the future, ”she said.

“I hope that the Prime Minister and Bjp The government will abandon their stubbornness and arrogance and focus on implementing policies for the welfare of farmers, provide them with MSPs and build consensus with state governments, farmers’ organizations and opposition parties before taking any such steps in the future, ”she added.

Senior Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi wrote an open letter to the farmers congratulating them on how they “fought the dictatorial leader’s arrogance with Gandhian methods and forced him to withdraw his decision.” According to him, this is “an unsurpassed example of the victory of truth over falsehood.”

Saying that the fight is not over yet, Rahul said issues such as providing a lucrative MSP for farmers, repealing the Electricity (Amendment) Act, eliminating the tax on agricultural implements, reducing the rise in diesel prices, and easing debts to farmers and agricultural workers still to be decided.

“I want to tell the Prime Minister that farmers know what is good for them and what is bad. Playing into the hands of some capitalists, do not engage again in a conspiracy to enslave farmers … The Prime Minister must, in accordance with his pledge, take steps to ensure that farmers’ incomes double by 2022, ”Rahul said.

Chief Minister of West Bengal and TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee tweeted: “My heartfelt congratulations to every farmer who fought hard and were not bothered by the brutality @ BJP4India has treated you. This is YOUR VICTORY! Samyuk Kisan Morcha leaders campaigned against the BJP in Bengal ahead of Assembly polls earlier this year.

Speaking at a press conference in Lucknow, the head of the JV, Akhilesh Yadav, said: “Saaf nahi hai inka dil, chunav baad phir layenge Bill (They have bad intentions, they will return the bills after the elections).” Referring to the prime minister’s apology to farmers, he said: “Those who have apologized must promise to quit politics forever. They think this fake apology will help them return to power … They need votes. “

Both the BSP and AAP demanded compensation and government jobs for the families of the dead farmers. “This decision should have been made by the central government much earlier,” said BSP chief Mayawati.

Delhi Chief Minister and Head of AAP Arvind Kejrival called the Center’s decision on the law “a victory of democracy in the country.” In addition to passing a resolution against laws passed by the Delhi Assembly, the AAP government provided logistical support to protesting farmers by installing mobile toilets and water tanks on the Singh and Tikri borders and denied Delhi police permission to convert the stadiums into makeshift prisons.

CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechuri asked Prime Minister Modi to apologize for the hardships and problems caused by his “dictatorial move” in favor of “his bosom business partners.”

Secretary General of the AICC Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked why the government is waiting for the start of the winter session of parliament before repealing the laws. “The government is making decisions on so many small issues, why not on this?” She asked.

Senior Congress Leader P. Chidambaram said that “the Prime Minister’s announcement to repeal three agricultural laws is not caused by a change in policy or a change of opinion.” This is due to the fear of the elections! “

He then added: “If there is any fear of losing the next election, the PM: admits that demonetization was a blunder in the Himalayas, admits that the GST laws were poorly drafted and implemented with hostility, admits that Chinese troops invaded India. territories and occupied our land, we recognize that CAA is clearly discriminatory law, we recognize that the deal with Rafale was dishonest and requires an investigation, we recognize that the acquisition and use of Pegasus the spyware was illegal. “

Speaking at a press conference, Congressional Communications Chief Randeep Surjevala asked the prime minister to apologize to farmers for the “pain” they have caused and asked the government “five questions”: “What is the roadmap for providing farmers with the lowest cost of support.” ? What is the plan to double the income of farmers? What is the time frame for the rollback of the diesel excise tax increase, which is hitting farmers? When will the government refund the GST tax on agricultural implements including fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and tractors, and what is your action plan to ward off the loan? “

Chief Minister Tamil Nadu M.K. Stalin also welcomed the decision of the Center. “History teaches us that the desires of the people prevail in a democracy,” he said. The DMK government passed a resolution in the Assembly against farming laws in August.


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