SpiceJet brings back Boeing 737 MAX, aviation minister to fly in maiden flight to build public trust


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SpiceJet returns Boeing 737 MAX, Minister of Aviation, to fly first to gain public confidence


  • The DGCA has authorized SpiceJet to restart its Max aircraft for commercial passenger use.
  • The Boeing 737 MAX was previously shut down after receiving a serious software complaint.
  • Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Shindiya will fly the 737 MAX.

SpiceJet is poised to return its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that have landed worldwide following two fatal accidents (Ethiopia and Lion Airways). To revive passengers’ confidence in the safety of the aircraft, SpiceJet owners and their families, along with the Minister of Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya Shindiya, will fly the 737 MAX.

After a long wait of more than two years, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA) has finally authorized SpiceJet to restart its Max aircraft for commercial passenger use.

“Regulatory authorities around the world, especially in the US, Europe and India, have checked several times and finally gave us the go-ahead for commercial operations. We are ready to take off our flight for commercial use, ”said SpiceJet Chief Security Officer Ajay Singh.

“We suffered huge losses due to its downtime. We used this plane 3 years ago, flew it for 6 months, and there were no incidents. The passengers were also satisfied with the plane, ”he said.

India’s regulator DGCA previously stopped a Boeing 737 MAX after receiving a major software complaint, but CMD SpiceJet is thrilled after the MAX returned to its fleet.

“The 737 Max is the safest aircraft in the world with a software patch over two and a half years ago and has been extensively reviewed by regulators around the world for two years. The United States, Europe, Australia and South America, as well as various parts of the world. It has already flown about 600,000 hours and over 250,000 commercial flights, and this plane has absolutely no problems after all the checks, ”- said the SpiceJet CMD.

SpiceJet currently has 13 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and an additional 205 aircraft have been ordered for delivery in December, the company told ANI news agency.

CMD said the updated Boeing 737 MAX will have broadband.

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